Outdated SEO Strategies You Won’t Need in 2017


Outdated SEO Strategies You Won’t Need in 2017

Delivering an incredible user experience is now one of the best SEO strategies to adopt in 2017. Now, you need to look at SEO from a different perspective. This makes some of the “conventional” SEO techniques you use to use outdated.

After the Google algorithm updates like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, Google has focused on boosting the rankings of sites that provide good user engagement. This is measured by the time spent on the site, the bounce rate, and click-through rate. Google also recognizes unnaturally written content that was basically written to attract high rankings in search results. Here are some of the SEO strategies you should stop using in 2017 and beyond.

Writing Content for Search Engines

Earlier on, content posted online could be classified into two categories, those written for humans to read and the others posted for search engine spiders to use to improve page ranking. The latter was usually very difficult to read and it had keywords inserted in the first and last paragraphs and at least once every hundred words. Today it is still important to include keywords in your content, but high keyword density will no longer convince Google about the relevance of your page. Readability is now being taken into account.

Excessive Use of Anchor Text

It is still important to use relevant anchor text or hyperlinks to create a good user experience, but it could easily get out of hand. For instance, a link on the word “Yahoo” that takes the reader to Yahoo’s Wikipedia page will not serve any meaningful purpose. Only hyperlinked text that offers instant relevance and additional information to readers should be used.

Creating Individual Web Pages For Each Keyword

Initially, search engine bots responded favorably to the practice of building a separate web page for each keyword variation. The redundancy, however, created a poor user experience. To obtain better results today, let your pages be consolidated into fewer categories. For instance, rather than categories such as men’s shoes and women’s shoes. You can have broader categories for men and women and then include subcategories like shoes.

Irrelevant Link Building

Relevance should be the watchword when it comes to link building. Avoid including links that do not add any value to the user experience. Using generic links that are meant to attract search engines like Google and Bing should be avoided. Build your links to support your users and provide better information for them.

Maintaining Multiple Websites

Not too long ago, owning multiple domains and websites provided a good way to build links, increase your presence, and dominate the search results for a particular set of keywords. But today, this strategy simply spreads clicks that you should consolidate in one domain. Instead of allowing you to dominate the set of keywords, it reduces the clicks for all of them. A single website with a strong brand and top notch content is now a better option.

Take note of the outdated SEO strategies highlighted here and take steps to change your business’s strategies accordingly. Use the tips provided to ensure that you continue to take advantage of the free marketing opportunities that organic search offers.

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