Does Showing Business Ratings in Facebook Ads Increase Conversion Rates?

Does Showing Business Ratings in Facebook Ads Increase Conversion Rates?

Oh, Facebook. You never cease to amaze us with your constantly changing algorithms and regulations. Now Facebook is putting a new spin on Facebook Ads and it may prove to rock the entire business world.

Think about the last time you wanted to try a new restaurant or shop at a new store. You see an ad on Facebook, but you want to know if these businesses are worth your time and money, so of course, you do an online search for reviews, right? Well, what if that step was already done for you when you see an ad for a local business on Facebook? That’s right. Facebook is testing whether or not including star ratings in Facebook ads will increase conversion rates.

A few selected businesses have been chosen to have their star ratings included in their Facebook ads. If a business does not want to take part in the test, they can opt out. The test will be run until June 24, 2017, and the star ratings will only be included when they are 4 stars or higher. There also needs to be at least 5 reviews in order for the star ratings to be included in the Facebook ads.

Businesses who have been selected to participate in this test have received an email notification explaining how the test works and what steps to take if they are interested in participating. Don’t worry if your business wasn’t selected to participate as only a small percentage of businesses who use Facebook were chosen.

As you can expect, businesses who have a high star rating are thrilled to be able to include this feature in their Facebook ads. This lets potential customers know what others think of their business without having to leave the Facebook platform to independently research the business. What’s more, with Facebook’s ever-growing user base, this change could mean monumental increases in conversion rates for the same price businesses have been paying for years for Facebook advertising. Not a bad deal if you ask us!

So, tell us what you think. Was your business chosen to participate in Facebook’s beta test? Do you think the addition of star ratings on Facebook ads will increase conversion rates?  Let’s continue the conversation. Leave us a comment on our Facebook page and mention this article. We’d love to hear from you!

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