5 Top Tips for Using Twitter for Your Business

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5 Top Tips for Using Twitter for Your Business

Are you a business owner who struggles with posting great content on Twitter? Not to worry. We’re going to help you rejuvenate your experience on this social media platform. In this article, we will share with you the best ways to revitalize your presence on Twitter and make your business efforts on the platform more meaningful.

Create a list of accounts you follow.

If you are a businessperson, you want to follow other people on Twitter who are in your local area or are in your same niche, for example, suppliers, adjacent businesses, customers, competitors, and peers. Using the Twitter Lists feature will ensure that you do not miss any important messages from the contacts you follow.

Here are a few ideas of they types of lists you want to create:

  • Professional entities
  • Customers
  • Entities within your industry
  • Social media gurus
  • Business builders


Come up with a conversation list

The people you follow influence your daily activities on the social media platform. Making sure that you focus your energy on people who promote a positive outlook and an intelligent perspective may mean coming up with a private conversation list. People on this list could include:

  • People with business ideas that inspire you
  • People who are fun to hold conversations with
  • People who motivate you at a personal level
  • People with large followings in your area of expertise


Keep your profile picture updated

People see your profile picture next to every Tweet you post. This makes it possible for people to link your business to an image. One mistake most people make is choosing an image that is too small. You want to keep your profile picture in line with your company’s branding so you are able to be easily recognized across all social media platforms.

Make changes to your profile branding

Twitter enable users to customize the appearance and colors on their profiles. This enables you to provide extra information concerning your business to people who check your profile.It also helps to keep your Twitter profile in line with your company’s branding, as we mentioned earlier.

Refresh your bio

Your bio on twitter tells people about your business in just a few characters. Your bio should include the following information:

  • A little bit about  you personally
  • The products/services you provide
  • How these products/services differ from others and why they should choose your company for their needs


Be careful with the type of people you follow

Be cautious about the types of people you follow, especially with your business account. Some Twitter accounts are automated and the content that is posted can be less than business-friendly. Remember, you are ultimately responsible for what shows up in your Twitter feed, so you need to be vigilant about keeping inappropriate content out.

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