How to Incorporate Videos Into Your Social Media Content

Use These Techniques to Incorporate Video Into Your Social Media Content

Lights… Camera…. Social Media?

Videos have become an integral component of social media marketing.They are a valuable tool for increasing customer engagement and boosting shares. Here are several ways of incorporating video into your social media content to enhance your marketing efforts:

Create a featured video for your Facebook page

Facebook enables you to choose a featured video that can be put in the ‘About’ section of your Facebook page. To do this, navigate to the videos tab of your Facebook page (below the cover photo section) and click on ‘featured video’. Then choose a video from your list of uploaded videos and make it your featured video. It is important to ensure that you select a video that portrays your business in the best way since it is probably the first video that will be watched by your visitors.

Add a video to your Facebook posts

Marketing experts have found that a video post gives the best organic reach when compared to other types of Facebook posts. It pays to add a video to your posts in order to enhance their reach. You can also create a video slideshow or a brief video to enrich the content of your post.

A YouTube channel trailer can enhance customer appeal

A channel trailer comes in handy if you have a YouTube channel. Since it is set to play automatically for those who have not subscribed to your channel, it serves as an elevator pitch to potential customers. It is recommended that you select a short video that gives a brief description of your channel and also urges the visitor to subscribe.

To initiate your channel trailer, log in to your YouTube channel and click on the ‘add a channel trailer’ option. Then choose your video or enter its YouTube URL (or web address) and save. If you have not uploaded any videos, the channel trailer option will not be available to you. In this case, you will first need to enable and save the browser view option by selecting the ‘edit channel navigation’ option. If you plan on uploading many YouTube videos, it is advisable to create a personalized video message that welcomes people to your channel. Make them aware of the type of videos you intend to publish. Examples of various types of videos include funny videos, product views and tutorials.

Curated videos are useful

In case you have not yet created your own videos, you can still use YouTube videos made by other people to establish a presence on YouTube. You can organize (curate) content by others and create a playlist in your channel. This ensures a ready subscriber base even before you post your own content.

Code tools and plugins will makes your content stand out

You can use code tools such as the Twitter player card that attaches actual videos, not just links, under your tweets. Facebook also has an open graph code that attaches the media element when a video page is shared. This means that the post will be more noticeable than when it has link updates or plain text.

If you are using WordPress to host your site, plugins such as the Yost video SEO can help in optimizing your video pages for social media and search engines.

Make Instagram and vine short videos

You can use social platforms such as Instagram or Vine to target a different audience using video content. Using simple tools like a phone stand and a smartphone,you can create good quality content. For example, through a 6-second video on Vine, you can give people insights about the background of your operation or show them an inspiring video clip.

Embedded video can enrich your blog posts

If you are running a blog, you can use embedded video posts from the internet or social media platforms like Facebook or eto enrich your blog content and enhance social media engagement.

Facebook has an option called ’embed post’, which allows the embed code of a video post to be copy-pasted to your blog post or webpage. You can also use text, picture or video to embed a tweet. This means that your Twitter followers are able to watch the video and reply or retweet the tweet directly from the blog post.

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