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5 of the Biggest Mistakes Made on Instagram

Boasting of over seven hundred million users, Instagram is an essential part of the social media strategies of many businesses today. But for any business to reap maximum gains from the platform, it is important to ensure that it is used effectively and costly blunders are avoided. Here are nine tips that will assist you in maximizing the massive potential of Instagram:

Avoid buying followers

It is important for a business to build a solid Instagram presence, but buying followers is not the best way to go about it. The main drawback of this approach is that you will probably not have any beneficial engagement with the followers that you buy (for example there will be no likes or comments). Further, your audience, which is not targeted, can share inappropriate content that may end up harming your brand. It is much better to formulate a well-thought-out strategy that combines useful content with engagement with your audience.

Analyze your numbers

After creating an Instagram account it is easy to start churning out posts without analyzing the numbers. Fortunately, Instagram has a measurement tool called Instagram Insights that can give you crucial information about your followers. It enables you to know who they are, when they are online, and so on. In addition, you can assess how specific stories and posts have performed and how your target audience is engaging with them. These numbers will indicate where you are going wrong at any given point in time.

Do not go overboard-balance is key

Just like with any other promotional technique, overusing Instagram can put off and alienate your followers. Instead of having people see images of your logo or product all the time, try to show the values that your brand represents. For example, you can post lifestyle content next to posts about your product this will come across as less promotional and more informative.

Pay attention to captioning

Always pay attention to your Instagram captions as you try to enhance the user engagement. Having great captions can add context to your posts and help to create emotional feedback from your target audience.

There are several effective captioning tricks that can give you even better results. First, because some words may be cut off from your caption, the most important words should be put in the beginning of the caption. Secondly, try to ask a question to stimulate audience engagement. Last but not least, add some visual elements like emojis to attract the audience and give your caption extra personality.

Use hashtags judiciously

Hashtags are valuable and powerful tools that are primarily used to enable people to find interesting or relevant topics. But they can be misused or become irrelevant especially if you overuse them. To avoid devaluing your accounts or losing credibility, try not to spam your posts with too many hashtags.

Always edit your content

In order to significantly enhance user engagement, always edit your Instagram videos and photos. This will also inspire people to talk about your brand. Try not to overdo it by, for example, adding too much brightness or using excessive filters such that your image is totally distorted. There are numerous editing applications on Instagram that can assist you.

Your aim should be to nurture relationships

To use Instagram effectively, it is absolutely crucial to nurture relationships and make connections with other people just like in other social media platforms. You need to follow other users who are relevant to your field and constantly engage and share content with your audience. You also need to ask and reply to questions posed by your followers. For instance, you can ask your followers to say how they would like you to present your product. Finally, it can be useful to host in-person, offline events where you interact with your followers.

Learn about the different types of ads

Research indicates that about 120 million people use the Instagram app to visit websites, write emails, and call businesses. It has also been shown that 70% of businesses experience a notable increase in online business after running Instagram ads. This means that those who fail to use Instagram ads miss great opportunities to connect with potential customers. Take advantage of the four primary kinds of Instagram ads namely: Video ads, Photo ads, Stories ads and Carousel ads

Optimize on Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories, users can share videos and photos through a slideshow that expires after twenty-four hours. There are more than 200 million users of Instagram Stories every day, and research shows that 40 million of them get direct messages from viewers of these ads.

To use Instagram Stories for maximum effect, there are several useful strategies you can consider. First, you need to tell an interesting story in a natural way without being afraid of making mistakes. Second, ensure that the story adds value to the lives of your clients. Finally, use the tools available on the Instagram platform (for example filters, tags and drawing tools) to make your content more engaging.

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