Appreciation Builds Customer Loyalty and Employee Engagement

Appreciation Builds Customer Loyalty and Employee Engagement

Thanksgiving is over, but don’t stop counting your blessings just yet. Expressing appreciation to your customers, employees, and all those people who support your business is a valuable tool for building customer loyalty and employee engagement year round.

Customer Appreciation Builds Loyalty

In all aspects of life, including business, saying thank you is only as meaningful as the sincerity or genuineness with which it is expressed. Customer loyalty follows appreciation. When your appreciation is honest and sincere, your efforts will pay off in the form of increased loyalty and stronger relationships.

Appreciation can be expressed in many forms:

  1. An engaging or handwritten holiday greeting instead of a pre-printed card or email message shows you put time and effort into the demonstration of gratitude.
  2. A gratitude campaign across social media platforms can build customer loyalty and strengthen your relationship with your customers.
  3. A customer appreciation program to reward your most loyal customers with promotions, coupons, and exclusive sales deals builds loyalty.
  4. Customer appreciation events are a fun way to make customers feel appreciated.

Making your customers feel more valued by “bending the rules” or providing small favors to meet their demands will make them feel appreciated. Customers want to feel like they are more than just another number on a spreadsheet. Take good care of your customers, and you’ll be rewarded with their continued business.

Employee Appreciation Improves Engagement

The importance of showing appreciation goes beyond your customers. Recognition is an extremely effective tool for motivating your employees to perform well for your organization. Studies show that consistent and sincere recognition can positively impact your employees’ productivity, job satisfaction, retention, and engagement.

Even the smallest gestures of gratitude can improve satisfaction and productivity among your employees, which will lead to increased profitability. Showing appreciation should be a part of a business culture that helps recognize the value and positive contributions of your employees. Morale and motivation will increase as they feel their work is valued.

All employees are not the same, and it’s important to use a variety of methods for recognizing them. While some like to hear words of gratitude like “thank you,” others may feel appreciated when their employer offers them gifts or bonuses or organizes events such as holiday parties. Even the little things like recognizing employee efforts in a team meeting can go a long way.

Expressing gratitude also involves acknowledging both the small and large successes of your employees. Be personal, authentic, and specific with your message of appreciation and ensure that you prioritize thankfulness not only during the holiday season but on an ongoing basis.

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