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Avoid These Social Media Fails for Small Business

You may have a lot of experience when it comes to using social media on a personal level. Using social media for business purposes, however, is completely different. Make a negative post from your business social media account and you can face public backlash as well as bad press. Social media fails can even become a leading factor in driving your potential customers away.

Don’t let this happen to you. Be a social media-savvy small business owner by avoiding these mistakes.

1. Don’t Fail to Maintain Control.

It is important that those tasked with manning your social media accounts are qualified to do so. Make sure guidelines are in place concerning the kind of language and posts acceptable for the business.

Regardless of how you intend to maintain a social media presence, keep track of who has access to your account. You can grant access to individuals who can help you with your social media campaigns while maintaining control over the passwords. This will help you maintain control of your social media accounts as employees or consultants come and go.

2. Don’t Fail to Find Your Target.

Ensure that the individuals in charge of your social media accounts understand who your target customers are and how to attract them. Find a way of building trust and credibility by adding value to your audience’s day. Forget about the like, shares, and so on. Think quality over quantity.

3. Don’t Fail to Find Your Voice.

Find out what makes your company unique. Find out what appeals to your customers and how you address them. Make sure you understand the promise that comes with your brand and factor it into how you engage your customers. Then come up with guidelines on how to write engaging social media posts.

4. Don’t Fail to Take Reviews Seriously.

Expect bad reviews, but even as they come, leave them in place. If you delete bad reviews, it seems like you are hiding something. Rather, remedy the situation in public while addressing the poster with respect. Cherish your positive reviews. Use them to subtly encourage more users to leave positive feedback.

5. Don’t Fail to Engage Your Followers.

Social media should be used to provide information about the products or services you are offering. Be social. Instead of promotional messages, ask questions, get feedback, and answer your customers’ questions.

6. Don’t Fail to Be Sensitive to Crises.

Avoid looking insensitive at a time of tragedy. Pay attention to current events. It is important to postpone or cancel scheduled posts until a crisis has passed. By putting it on hold, you will be to show respect to those affected by a tragedy.

7. Don’t Fail to Respond Wisely to an Attack.

The best way to handle a public attack it is to provide an email address or phone number where the customer can reach you and talk away from the glare of social media.

8. Don’t Fail to Offer Some Perks.

Make your followers feel special. Offer them exclusive discounts or early access to products or information. Not only will you be able to build your number of followers, but you will also turn potential customers into real customers.

9. Don’t Fail to Understand Your Message.

Before you use a meme or hashtag, carry out proper research. Make sure you understand the message behind a hashtag before using it. If you don’t, then you could just end up unintentionally sending negative sentiments about your brand.

Social media is public. Everything you do and say on your account is perceived as coming directly from the business itself. Everything you like and follow and retweet means something to those considering doing business with you. Avoid embarrassing social media fails. Instead, harness the power of social media to engage your customers, create a positive impression of your brand, and grow your business.

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