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Biggest Mistakes Social Media Marketers Make With SEO

Search engine optimization, otherwise called SEO, requires time and effort to understand and implement. From selecting keywords to understanding algorithms, most marketers usually have more questions than answers about the most effective way to implement a successful SEO marketing campaign. For your SEO strategy to deliver the desired results, you need to avoid the following SEO mistakes.

Misunderstanding the Link Between Social Marketing and SEO

Quality content is the common characteristic of top performing content in search results and successful social marketing. The content that attracts a lot of engagement, likes, comments and shares on social media will also generate the metrics that will satisfy Google’s authority signals and influence your rankings positively.

But this does not mean that you should only create social media plans with the sole purpose of improving your rankings. Rather, you should be aware that social media and SEO work together as part of a grand marketing plan to improve engagement. A robust social media presence, with high-quality content, coupled with efficient community building will help to improve brand awareness, boost website traffic, and enhance social customer service.

Sharing Content Without a Strategy

It is important to be strategic while sharing content since there is a link between SEO and social media content. Rather than sharing new content every day or week, you should take the time to analyze the previous performance of various pieces of content in order to discover the content that has attracted the greatest volume of traffic and those that are shared the most. With this knowledge, it will be easier to choose the content you should focus on when sharing information on your social media channels.

A winning strategy involves selecting the best performing content and leaving out the others. Then you can create an archive of the most valuable evergreen content that you can continue to share throughout the year. You can then share them along with new content.

Focusing on Instant Success

SEO remains an effective avenue to bring greater traffic to your website but it does not guarantee overnight success. Some marketers expect that after they create great content and deploy sound strategies, they will see instant results. Unfortunately, when they don’t see those results, they abandon the process.

SEO will take some time to yield desired results, and impatience is the greatest hindrance to reaping the fruits of search engine optimization. Due to the massive amount of content being posted every day, you must be patient enough to keep posting content and acquiring backlinks until your Google rankings improve.

Not Being Up-to-Date With New SEO Developments

Over the last 10 years, many new updates to the Google algorithm have made some of the old and treasured SEO tactics outdated. A good example of this is the art of stuffing content with keywords. Apart from being unpleasant for humans to read, it will eventually lower the credibility of your website and affect your rankings negatively. Google attaches far more weight to the way users engage with the content on your site as well the search history of individual users.

With the rapid increase in the competition in the digital marketing environment, it is vital for marketers to adjust their content creation and promotional strategies to ensure that their SEO and social media campaigns complement each other.

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