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Blog Post Dos and Don’ts

When we work with our managed clients, we always stress how important having a blog is to a business for numerous reasons. Business owners many times may think that managing a blog is time-consuming and, because many of them aren’t writers, they are overwhelmed by the mere thought of having to come up with fresh, engaging, and entertaining content each week. (Psst…that’s what we do best!)

If you have an online business and you want to generate considerable traffic to your site, you should consider blogging. This can go a long way towards increasing your conversion rates and eventually increasing your profits. However, writing blogs is not always an easy task. To help you out, we came up with a short list of some of the do’s and don’ts of writing a blog post.

When writing a blog post, DO…

  1. Ensure that you find your focus.

It is important to ask yourself this question: “Who are my target readers?” Once you have identified your target readers, you can narrow down your topic to the demographic you are most wanting to reach.

  1. Be yourself.

It is important to let your readers get to know you. You will realize that your content is what actually draws followers in while your personality and your story is what keeps them there. This is the reason it is so important to be relatable. People are most likely to purchase products and services from those that they know, like, and trust. Being relatable to your audience is absolutely a stepping stone to boosting sales.

  1. Consider using links within your posts.

Links are essential in blogging. They are the lifeline between vital pieces of information and getting the visitors to your website to make a purchase. They also help increase your visibility when you link to other blogs or websites. In addition, linking can help to increase your clicks and also enable your blog to rank higher on search engines.

  1. Ensure that you include images.

It is important that you stimulate your readers visually whenever they come to your blog for information. Generally speaking, people tend to be more visual beings, meaning they will be more attracted to and pay more attention to an image or video rather than plain text. Consider using images in your blog wherever you feel it is appropriate. As with anything, a little goes a long way. Don’t overdo it.

  1. Respond to blog comments.

Nothing excites a blogger more than when readers comment on blogs. You can actually use this opportunity to connect directly with the people who are reading your work. You should ensure that you respond to comments in a timely manner so your readers know that their thoughts and the time they took to comment are important. This will show your readers that you value them.

When writing a blog DON’T

  1. Set unrealistic goals.

It is important that you know your schedule and abilities before writing a blog. Do not force yourself to post a blog every week if you cannot manage it. You can actually start by posting monthly and so on. With time, you can increase the frequency of posting. You can also hire a ghostwriter to help.

  1. Limit your word count.

The bottom line here is that people are busy. Most people don’t have time to read an extensive blog post. The truth is, most people will scan a blog post to see how long it is before they will even consider reading it. If it’s too long, many will bypass it and move on. A good word count for your blog post is 500 words.

  1. Make grammar mistakes.

It is normal to make mistakes when writing a blog. However, it is important that you correct those mistakes once you are done. Correct those mistakes before posting your blog online. This will attract more readers to read your blog and help you look like the professional subject matter expert that you know you are.

  1. Be negative.

It is not advisable to air personal grievances publicly on your blog. The world is negative enough as it is. You should instead consider using your blog to be positive and inspirational. This can motivate more visitors to read and share your blog.

  1. Write long paragraphs

Long paragraphs can discourage the readers from reading your blog. Instead, break up your content into shorter paragraphs. You can even use bullet points where possible.

  1. Fail to try new things.

It is important to take risks once in awhile. You can consider adding personal stories or guest bloggers. This can also help you a great deal.

We’d love to hear what you thought about this article and whether or not you use a blog for your business. Feel free to leave us a message in the comments below!

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