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Brand Design for Small Business Owners

Branding is a key part of a company’s identity. Results from a Nielsen Global Innovation Study showed that 59% of people are more likely to buy products from brands that they recognize. This shows how an effective branding strategy helps companies to capitalize on customer loyalty.

Great branding depends on more than just how beautiful the logo looks. The brand has to invoke strong emotions in the people who see it by creating a visual experience that represents high levels of quality and reliability.

Here are a few tips that you, as a small business owner, can use to develop a brand design that keeps customers coming back for more.

  1. Identify Your Business’s Goals

Effective brands are designed to communicate the company’s goals. Company executives must know what those goals are and communicate them to the team responsible for handling the branding process. Those goals will be used as a template for creating the brand.

  1. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is an excellent way to quickly compile a list of ideas that represent your business. Brainstorming with the help of your staff or even friends and family will quickly yield a variety of concepts.

Build an inspiration board based on ideas curated from your brainstorming session. This can be a physical board with images, words, and colors, or you could create a digital version. Pinterest can be a great tool for compiling design inspiration.

  1. Research Your Industry

As you develop your branding, consider your target market. A key understanding of your potential customers’ problems and what they look for in a product allows you to convey the message that your brand is the solution that they are looking for.

Researching the trends in your industry helps you to identify what works and what doesn’t. Consider where your competition is succeeding and failing.

Copying designs outright is obviously a bad idea. However, you can still incorporate a few of the tactics that make customers choose those brands. Merge what works for them with your own original ideas to make your brand unique.

  1. Design

Clients often make the mistake of assuming that designers are pure artists who don’t understand the business elements of a company. This is not true. Many brand designers will ask their clients to give them a list of keywords that best describe the company.

Designers can use your goals, research, and inspiration to come up with a design that speaks for itself. Designers understand the emotional effect that color can have on consumers and will use the colors that best suit the brand’s goals. They can also translate adjectives such as bold, luxurious, efficient, fair, or thrifty into a tangible design that represents your business.

When a potential customer sees the visual representations of your brand, whether it’s your logo, website, signage, or promotional items, they will have an immediate positive association with your business.

LightHouse Graphics would love to work with you to develop your brand. We specialize in graphic design, website design, social media management, and content creation. We can help ensure your brand is represented exactly as it should be. Contact us to get started today.