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But Have You Used Pinterest for This?

Pinterest is every DIY lovers dream. Where else can you learn how to cook 5 minute paleo meals all containing asparagus and get tips on how to redecorate your family room all in one place? I know, it’s amazing, right?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Pinterest is great for more than just creating boards and crafty things. Millions of small business owners have cashed in on using Pinterest to promote their products and services. You can actually drive traffic to your website from Pinterest using the tips we are going to share with you here. One of the biggest tips in the world of social media marketing is to have an active presence where your target demographic is. I don’t know anyone who isn’t on Pinterest, so that tells me that it is well worth my time to use it as one of my main social media platforms. Here’s how you do it.

Use Cropped Images to Lead Into a Story

Assuming you all know how to create boards and pins on Pinterest (if not, click HERE), you know that you can create an image, pin it to a board, and then add a link to a website. This is exactly what you’re going to do. Pictures speak a thousand words. It is a well-known fact that people are more drawn to images than they are to words. With your next blog post, choose 4-6 images that you feel covey the main theme of your post. Create a collage of these images to hint at what the post is about so you intrigue your Pinterest followers. Next, pin your collage to a board called something like “Blog Posts” and link the image to your blog post. Followers will want to know more about the collage and will click on the image to learn more. Boom…you have driven people to your website!

Use Calls to Action

We’ve all seen images that promote a product or service that contain a phrase like “Click Here” or “Learn More”. These are called Calls to Action or CTAs. These prompt people to do something; in this case, we want them to go to your website. To do this, simply create a graphic using any platform you prefer. (Canva is a good, free one.) On this graphic, describe a product, service, contest, or sale…something on your website that you want to promote. In the middle of the graphic, add a shape that looks similar to a button and contains call to action wording like we mentioned earlier. Next, link the image to your website. When people click on the “button” it will take them straight to your website. Even though it’s not an actual working button, people are really clicking on the image which is linked to your site. Pretty cool, huh?

Keep People Guessing and Tell Them Not to Miss Out

These two strategies are key to any good marketing plan. People are curious by nature, so when you create a graphic with copy that reads something like, “Click here to learn more…” or “Find out more here…” it is instinctive for them to want to click. No one likes to only get half of the story, so of course they want to learn more. As before, you can create a graphic using this verbiage and link the image to your website. This piques the viewer’s interest and makes them want to learn more.

Another thing people hate is missing out on something. Creating an image with the words, “Don’t miss out on this amazing deal…” or “Limited time only! Don’t miss out…” gives people a sense of urgency. They think, “Miss out on what? I can’t miss out on something!”. Hey, I’ve done it a million times. Everyone wants to be included, so using these phrases in your graphic prompts viewers to click the image, go to your website, and see what the fuss is all about.

These strategies work well every time. You don’t have to be an amazing graphic designer to create these images…however, if you want to hire a graphic designer to create your images we know just who to call. Anyway, try these tips and see how they work. We’re certain you will not be disappointed.