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By the Numbers: 2018 Online Business Statistics

The Internet plays a critical role in every organization by facilitating business communication, eCommerce, marketing, and advertising. We know the Internet offers an easy and convenient way for businesses to connect with their clients and customers. But what do the numbers say? Today, we’re looking back at significant online business statistics for 2018. 

Social Media

It is no secret that in 2018, effective use of social media marketing strategies was imperative for business success. Up to 70 percent of the U.S. population has an active social media account. At least 79 percent of Internet users in the United States are on Facebook, making it the most popular social media platform. Additionally, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are social media platforms with numbers that should not be ignored. If well utilized, they can help to build positive relationships with customers and increase leads.

Company Blogs

Company blogs are another important tool for outreach. It is estimated that at least 81 percent of companies consider their blogs critical, important, or useful. Thirty-three percent of B2B companies make use of blogs, while 37 percent of marketers consider blogs the most useful content marketing platform. Companies that use blogs have at least 97 percent more inbound links. Seventy-eight percent of chief marketing officers believe that the future of marketing will depend on custom content.

Even small and medium enterprises can take advantage of company blogs, as studies show that they can get up to 126 percent more lead growth compared to those small businesses that do not blog. Eighty-one percent of online consumers in the United States trust information from company blogs. And 61 percent have made a purchasing decision based on a blog’s advice and recommendations. Is your company making the most of your blogging opportunities?

eCommerce Business Models

The eCommerce industry continues to experience tremendous growth. It was responsible for nearly $2.3 trillion in sales in 2017 and is expected to hit the $4.5 trillion mark in 2021. This is according to a recent report that also shows that eCommerce represents at least 10 percent of retail sales in the United States alone. And this number may grow by almost 15 percent each year. Four out of 10 purchases are made using online channels for searching and buying.


WordPress was once regarded as an obscure content management system, but today it is powering more than 28 percent of the web. WordPress’s versatility allows it to be deployed in a wide range of business areas, including big and small business websites and personal blogs. WordPress users publish more than 41 million posts each month. Recent data from KWFinder also shows that, worldwide, people search for the keyword “WordPress” nearly 2,740,000 times every month.

Online Reviews

As companies provide services to their customers, those customers often share their experiences with the world through online mediums such as online reviews. Every local business today needs reviews that can contribute to their digital portfolio by building customer trust and also helping with SEO strategies.

Over 88 percent of online shoppers are influenced by online reviews when making their purchasing decisions. That means that customer reviews significantly contribute to the reputation of a business. With more than 175 million monthly visitors, Yelp is an immensely popular site for business reviews. In the new year, make sure you are using Yelp to leverage your business.

These online business statistics make it clear that managing your online presence is a crucial part of business success. LightHouse Graphics is a Yelp-Certified Partner and specializes in several areas of online presence, including website design, social media management, and content creation. If your business needs assistance in these areas, contact us. We’d love to work with you.