How Social Media and SEO Work Together to Boost Business?

How Can Social Media and SEO Work Together to Boost Your Business?

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing are important digital marketing tools that can help you reach your target audience effectively. In this post, we will be looking at how you can integrate the two of them and ensure that they work together to produce better results. Here are some fresh ideas that are drawn from some of the insights provided by a speaker at the last SMX West conference.

Know the Four Pillars to Success

If you want SEO and social media to work together for your business, it is vital to adopt a process that will simplify your approach. The one proposed by Maggie Malek at the SMX West conference is worth our attention at this point. Malek recommends a process built on four pillars of success: data, strategy, content and engagement. In addition, she insists that to succeed, you must be prepared to fail and learn fast from it. Here is a brief walk through the process.

Get Data from Search to Know What Customers Want

Begin by finding out what your target audience is searching for. Google is the first place that comes to mind since it is the most widely used search engine. But you need to remember that Google is not the only source for search data and keywords. Your prospects and customers also search in popular places like YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Malek also suggests that you use data you obtain from search to serve as the “head” of your marketing efforts and you use the search info from social sites to serve as the “heart.”.

Essentially, search data and keywords should be inputs for the analytical process, while the social info helps you to know exactly what people want. Pay close attention to comments made on social media because that is where you will learn: (1) what people are telling their friends about your product; (2) how your potential customers or clients are interacting with your competitors; (3) the issues that customers are having with your products or service; and (4) the kind of content that will yield the greatest engagement.

Device a Content Strategy

Your content strategy should be able to attract and keep the right customers. Bear in mind that a good content strategy requires both short and long term tactics. Your content should help you:

(1) Plan for outstanding success. Your plan must help your business to succeed in a major way and put you ahead of your competitors.

(2) Monitor the correct metrics. You need to track your results and adjust the content creation strategies with time.

(3) Select your major channels. Concentrate your efforts on those that create the greatest amount of engagement with your clients.

(4) Build a dynamic content creation team. The type of team you build should be based on the needs of each brand.

Leverage Context and Relevance

To develop a strong connection with your target prospects and customers, you must segment your audience and offer each segment content that will increase conversions. For instance, you can offer three distinct types of content to your target audience.

Hero content: this is large-scale content, which you create when there is a major event. Such content helps you to throw out your net into the sea, hoping to catch as many new prospects as possible.

Hub content: for your prime prospects, provide ‘push’ content at regular intervals to turn them into first-time buyers.

Hygiene content: for your core targets and existing clients, you should always offer ‘pull’ content that comes in on a daily or weekly basis.

In addition, you should keep a checklist for your publications and ensure that you work with excellent content creators who will take the time to proofread their content thoroughly.

Those are some of the key steps to ensure that both social media and SEO work for your business. You need to start putting them to work immediately. Don’t be afraid to fail initially and as soon as you notice some success, amplify it and repeat the steps that helped you to achieve it.

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