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Blue White Industries8

Blue White Industries

Blue White Industries Blue White Industries has been a manufacturer of chemical metering pumps and flowmeters since 1957. Check out the work we did to enhance their website! 02   Development This project was no small task, but LightHouse was

Doman and Hosting

The Difference Between Website Hosting and Domain Name

For your website to be fully functional, you need three components: a domain name, a web host, and a completely developed website. Often, though, our clients are curious about what these components are. Aren’t some of these the same things?

Facebook OpenGraph

What You Need To Know About Facebook OpenGraph

Although we’re all familiar with Facebook, very few of us understand all of the tools that drive traffic to your organization’s social media accounts. One of these tools is called Facebook Open Graph. What is Facebook OpenGraph? Originally, Facebook launched


Enhancing Your Small Business With REST API

API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs allow developers to “save time by taking advantage of a platform’s implementation to do the nitty-gritty work.” In other words, APIs allow two applications to talk to each other, in order to automate

Website Development

Frequently Asked Questions: Development Team Edition

Our development team here at LightHouse Graphics is the machine that keeps everything going. From creating your initial website architecture to maintaining its hosting as a functional and efficient website, our development team is here to handle the more technical