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Choosing the Best Font for Your Website

When giving your web designer a list of preferences, one of the most important decisions you will make will be choosing a font for your website. Your website’s font goes a long way in expressing emotions, culture and professionalism of your company or business. Choosing the right font for your website is key if your goal is to have your audience be engaged, entertained, and educated by your content.

Web safe fonts, or fonts that are pre-installed in your operating system and translate well throughout the internet, are most commonly used on websites throughout the internet because they are the most versatile. However, web safe fonts are extremely limited with a range of about 10 to 12 different fonts from which to choose.

Thanks to the growth of software and technology, web safe fonts are now being replaced with better, high-end font creation tools such as Google Fonts or Adobe Type Kit. Some of these kits, such as the Google Fonts, come free of charge and offer your web designer tons of options when it comes to choosing the font that best suits the style and dynamic of your website.

If you really want to hit it big when it comes to choosing the perfect font for your website, there are some key tips you cannot afford to ignore.

Focus on maintaining the desired image and mood of your business.

An MIT study has shown that fonts play a major role in the moods of a person as he/she reads a text. What does this mean?

The font or typeface you choose for your website greatly affects user experience. For instance, the serifs typeface (characterized by small lines at the end of the character’s stroke) is perceived to indicate formality while its opposite, the sans-serif typeface (which has no lines at the stroke), is perceived to indicate informality. Some tech companies have also used the sans-serif typeface to convey a futuristic and forward thinking sense.

In a nutshell, the font you choose clearly gives the reader a perception of who you are as a business. First, sit down and clearly lay out what mood and image you want to present to the reader when he/she goes through your site. Do you want to keep it professional or fun? Formal or informal? Be sure your web designer is well aware of your intentions so they can choose the correct font for your site.

Readability and legibility are key.

The main goal as you choose a font is to be able to reach out to your audience clearly and in the most persuasive way. This is where readability and legibility come in. Your audience should be able to clearly distinguish each letter in a word under your desired font (legibility), and the arrangement of words overall should be appealing (readability).

Typically, a typeface is a family of fonts so depending on which you have chosen, a wide array of fonts will be at your disposal. How these fonts are put into use is key in determining the readability and legibility of your site, this is why it is so important that you consult with your web designer beforehand.  The size of the font also greatly affect readability. The experts suggest using a font that is between 12pt to 22pt, with the actual size dependent upon the amount of text your site has.  The bottom-line? Choose something easy to distinguish and read through. Your readers will definitely appreciate the extra time you put into making these considerations.

Don’t be monotonous.

The same old font and typeface all through your website can quickly bore your readers or even prompt them to leave your site. Mix and match different typefaces and fonts that compliment each other for a more engaging website.

Avoiding monotony and cleverly playing around with fonts is a nice way to keep balance and diversity in your website. This is something you should definitely have a chat about with your web designer.

Choosing the right font is not a solo effort but rather, a combined effort. You should always rely on the knowledge, expertise, and experience of your chosen web designer to help you present an incredible website to your friends, family, and followers.