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Content Tips Every Blogger Needs to Know

If you are a blogger who creates new content for your company’s website, there are a few things you can do to make your content marketing more effective. After spending several hours writing up a new piece of original content, it can be quite frustrating to discover that your web stats for visitors viewing and spending time on your blog are not impressive. The following tips will help you to add vital elements to your blog posts to increase engagement and conversion.

  1. Add Subtitles or H2 Tags to Your Post

After your introductory paragraph(s), start each section of your content with a bold subtopic. You should code this subtitle with an H2 tag. This will tell Google that this part of your post is important and it should be used to understand the context of the entire page.

In addition, adding H2 tags help your readers to scan your content and read it more efficiently. Subtitles add white space that makes the entire article more visually appealing. Also, H2 tags help your content rank for keywords that were not in your main headline or H1 tag.

  1. Create Links to Your New Post on Your Site’s Home Page

Do not allow your blog posts to live in isolation on their own page. Be sure to add links to them on your site’s homepage so every new visitor can see them. You can use a blog theme that automatically adds a link to your post under a title like “From Our Blog” or “Latest Posts”. Your sites resources section is another good place to add a link to every well-researched piece of content. Additionally, you should edit your other posts to add a link to the new post. In some cases, hyperlinking an image may also make it easier for readers to locate the content you have just written.

  1. Spice Your Post Up With Photos and Videos

After a blogger has spent hours or days to complete a new post, the easiest thing to do next is to post it and move on to something else. But you need to realize that on average, most readers don’t read more than 20 percent of all the text you post. To entice them to spend more time on your blog, you have to add attractive images or videos.

One way to do this is to look for eye-catching photos you can add to each section of your content. If your post has 5 subheads, you should prepare at least five images. This will make the reader pause for a while to see each image and spend at least double the time they would have spent on your post if there were no images.

  1. Include External and Internal Links

Make your content a genuinely helpful piece by offering your readers other places to go for more information. Add both internal and external links. The internal links should give readers access to other helpful posts on your blog. Such links will help Google to give you a higher rank for the time viewers spend on your site. It can also lead them to pages where they are likely to take action and purchase a product.

External links, on the other hand, can lead your readers to sites where they can get more detailed information about any new concepts or technical terms you add to your content. Just remember to open the links to external sites in a new window.

  1. Include an Attractive Call-to-Action Button

After you have provided your visitors with enough useful information to keep them reading to the middle or end of your article, you need to add a call-to-action button or link that will enable them to take the desired action. You may add a link to ask them to:

* Buy a product or service

* Fill out a lead form and capture vital personal information

* Sign up to receive your monthly newsletter

* Go to your online store.

Make sure you include one action per post and promote the button or offer with a compelling benefit.

With these simple but effective tips, you can increase your response rate, improve your SEO rankings, and get better results from your content marketing efforts. Your job as a blogger will gradually be transformed from a routine chore to an exciting and rewarding task.

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