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Does Your Business Need Privacy?

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In a digital world where data breaches have become the order of the day, the need for online privacy protection is becoming increasingly important. Luckily, business owners can now protect their financial privacy and security online for free thanks to Privacy.

What is Privacy?

Privacy is a new and innovative service that allows customers and businesses to make purchases online without sharing their actual credit or debit card information with the retailer. It allows users to make payments online safely and anonymously.

Instead of handing out your real credit or debit card number when carrying out transactions online, this service allows you to create virtual card numbers. You can even choose a name and address to go with the card. The virtual cards are basically locked for either only one use or for use with just a single vendor.

As a business owner, privacy matters a lot to your customers, your brand, and the growth of your business. It’s important to incorporate the best measures for protecting your business information. Privacy can help you achieve just that.

Here are some of the benefits of the service that you will get as a business owner.

The Benefits of Privacy

  1. It’s FREE!

Security companies are known to charge hefty fees to protect a business’ or organization’s privacy. For small businesses, these fees add up and can affect your bottom line. But now, thanks to this service, you can protect your financial data absolutely free.

  1. Ability to Set Up Merchant Cards

With Privacy, you can set up individual merchant cards that are locked to the merchant and can’t be used elsewhere. If there is a data breach with that merchant, your actual debit or credit information will remain private.

Privacy recommends merchant cards for use with subscriptions or vendors you trust and purchase from regularly.

  1. Ability to Set Up One-Time Payment Cards

This unique service also allows you to set up single-use payment cards. What makes these cards ideal is that two minutes after your transaction finalizes, the card virtually “self-destructs.” This helps to prevent any further charges from being authorized on the single-use card.

Even if the card number is stolen, you’re fully protected, as no further charges will be made on that particular card.

These one-time payment cards are ideal for when you want to make purchases with merchants that you don’t plan to transact with on a regular basis or if you have any security concerns for your purchase.

  1. Ability to Set Spending/Transaction Limits

Privacy allows business owners to set spending limits on their Privacy cards. You can set total spending limits on both merchant cards and single-use cards.

This can be of great benefit to businesses that are looking to avoid overspending. You can set daily, monthly, and even yearly limits.

Unlike actual credit cards, in the event your card information is stolen, your card can only be charged within the set limit and no more.

  1. Ability to Set Up a Quick, Temporary Card to Test Your New E-Commerce Site

If you are looking to test the payment system for your new e-commerce site, Privacy allows you to set up a quick, temporary payment card to test the system and ensure that the interface is working well.

  1. Never Have to Worry About Canceling Your Actual Credit Card Again

With Privacy, your actual credit or debit card number is never handled by the merchant. In the event of a merchant data breach, that information remains private, and you won’t have to worry about canceling your real card.

Bottom Line

Privacy is a practical solution to keep your business’ financial data private. We highly recommend taking advantage of this free opportunity to protect your business. Check out Privacy for yourself. Visit their comprehensive FAQ section for more details on this valuable service.

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