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Facebook Ups the Ante on Its Privacy Settings

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with over 1.7 billion users worldwide. This makes dangerous, shady users difficult to detect. As a result, Facebook has come under fire due to how it deals with its role as a major social media platform. In response, on October 24th Facebook unveiled a redesigned safety center that gives users more control of their safety. Best of all,  it is translated into over 50 languages. The company has added 60 partners including Childnet International, an online forum for teenagers, and Family Online Safety Institute to the revised bullying prevention hub to help make the tool more accessible.

The Facebook safety center has been in existence since 2010 while the bullying prevention hub was established in 2013. Both sections have received frequent updates.

The news of the revamping of Facebook’s privacy settings comes at an interesting time for several reasons. First, it comes a week after Facebook stated that it will relax some of the content posting policies basically allowing potential offensive and graphic posts as long as they are newsworthy.

Also, this news comes a week after Twitter lost out on two acquisition deals due to its inability to control harassment and trolls on their platform.

What comes with the update?

To start with, the tools are more widespread to the global audience. Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Head of Global Safety, noted that the updated version is mobile friendly which is ideal since mobile is the main medium used to access social media sites. Besides being available in 50 languages, Facebook has also included videos that reveal how to use the safety controls.

On the other hand, the Bullying Prevention Hub was developed for emotional intelligence together with Yale Center and it was made public in 2013. The latest hub’s version does not have too many new features but as aforementioned, Facebook will be working with over 60 organizations in order to have it utilized in many situations.

Five tips to help users control their experiences

The following are five areas where Facebook users should be more careful when setting their privacy controls in line with the latest update.

  1. Users should report every offensive or abusive content they spot via a link on each post.
  1. All users should use the newly introduced Facebook two-step verification feature. It allows one to verify his or her identity using a code sent to their phone every time they login from an unregistered device.
  1. The platform tells users to create customized audiences which will help drive their content to people who will benefit most such as family members, colleagues, and friends.
  1. Facebook recommends users to control their tagging and customizing which leads to a more curated experience.
  1. Lastly, the security and privacy checkups reiterate the process of setting up all the above steps.

“To Facebook, making the world more connected and open as well as giving people the power to share their moments means keeping them and their information safe and we hope you find the new safety center more engaging and informative,” Davis concluded. The redesign of facebook privacy settings with an aim to enhance safety in the platform certainly means a lot to the billions of users.

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