Google Chrome Extensions You Have Got to Have Right Now!!!

Google Chrome Extensions You Have Got to Have Right Now!

New Google Chrome extensions are coming out every month. They are designed to help you save time and effort so you get better results from your marketing efforts. Some of these new extensions will drastically change the habits of digital marketers. The following list contains both upgraded classic extensions as well as new additions.


Momentum provides you with a nice way to set a mental focus for the day. Instead of getting bogged down at 9 am with replying to emails and followers, creating fresh content, scheduling posts and monitoring hash tags, this extension replaces your homepage with an elegant new picture and a personalized greeting every day. Momentum also enables you to set at least one goal for the day and keep track of a long task list, so you can maintain your focus all day.

Evernote Web Clipper

This extension enables you to clip a web page or article and save it with other articles. You can also pull in text from any site or article you discover while doing research in addition to the to-do lists and notes that you make with Evernote. This is an excellent content management tool that will help you to gather new information to share on social media without keeping up to 30 tabs open throughout the day.


It’s important to keep your posts free of typos and grammar errors. Although you may have an occasional error once in a while, making frequent mistakes will ruin your brand’s credibility. With Grammarly, you can catch all the mistakes that escape your eyes or your word processor’s spell checker while you are proofreading your post. Grammarly will trap more than 250 kinds of errors including incorrect tenses, missing articles, and errors in punctuation.


The OneTab extension helps you to save a list of open tabs you need for research on a particular post. You could restore each one individually or all at once. You can also export and share this list with your friends and co-workers. OneTab is an essential Google Chrome extension for social media marketers who need to spend plenty of time going through the web to get good content and reading it to make sure it will be appropriate for their next post.

On a typical day, you may need to open at a minimum of 10 tabs containing news articles, videos, blog posts, other kinds of content. Very often, you could lose important information in tabs that you have forgotten and even end up closing the tabs without ever reading them. OneTab helps you to reduce the amount of effort required for content research.

Save to Facebook and Share to Facebook

Facebook released two new extensions for the Chrome browser in June 2016. The save extension allows you to quickly save videos, products, videos and other links as you are surfing the web. Similarly, the Share to Facebook extension will help you to share links on your timeline and those of your friends. You can also share links with this extension on Pages, Events, and Groups that you manage.

With these Google Chrome extensions, you can easily improve your productivity as a social media marketer. After you have incorporated the use of these extensions into your daily routine, you will discover that you can get more done in less time.

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