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Grow Your Business With These Social Media Tips

With close to 90 percent of American adults using the internet, according to recent survey figures, social media is now one of the best avenues to reach out to your target audience and promote your brand. The following social media tips will help you to make the most of the vast marketing opportunities available on these networks.

  1. Be Visible on Facebook and Google

Facebook and Google are the most popular social media and search engine sites. Sign up for a business page on Facebook and claim your listing on Google. On Facebook, you can interact freely with other Facebook users and build a long lasting relationship with your clients. You can also reply to complaints and reduce the effect of negative feedback on your business. Similarly, claiming your listing on Google will allow you to provide accurate contact information and business hours, and you will be able to respond promptly to reviews.

  1. Use Different Social Media Networks

Each popular social media site like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn appeals more to a particular market or demographic. So it is unwise to force all your branding or marketing messages onto each site the same way. The results may be counterproductive. It is better to look at how the well-established brands and more successful companies in your niche are doing it and model your social media campaign in a similar way. Whatever you do, ensure that you sound original and personal.

  1. Focus on a Specific Demographic

To catch and keep the attention of large groups on social media, you should treat each demographic in a way that will make them feel that you understand their needs. For instance, to attract more female customers to your business, you should maintain an active Pinterest page because more than 80 percent of Pinterest account owners are female. In contrast, LinkedIn is a better place to find professional clients or to do business-to-business marketing campaigns. It is also a good place to find new employees.

  1. Provide a Live Video Broadcast

Since Facebook added the live video feed feature in 2016, many discerning users have used it to gain an unprecedented advantage over their competitors by hosting live events. It is akin to having a live news coverage for your business by a major media outfit or TV station. Instead of just promoting existing products, you can use a live video broadcast for a paid or free training program. Thus you will be able to answer questions from your target audience and increase the engagement with your online community.

  1. Time Your Posts

Accurate post timing is one of the expert social media tips you can use to grow your business on social media. Most social media users are inundated with hundreds of posts each day from friends, family, businesses and other groups that want their attention and response. So you need to time your posts accurately to ensure that they get read. The best time to send a post depends on the type of social media network and the demographic you are sending a post. Twitter and Facebook have more people connected in the evenings while LinkedIn has more traffic in the early hours of the day. Most social media sites give you the chance to schedule your posts for peak hours, so your business can be sending out posts even when your office is closed.

Promoting your business successfully on social media is a relatively complex adventure. But it can be quite rewarding if you approach it correctly. To get the best reward from your social media marketing campaigns, you should set aside a specific budget and engage the service of experts to help you get the best return on investment.

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