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Hottest Tools Social Media Marketers Must Have

Every day, there are new resources being created to assist content creators and social media marketers to enhance their graphics, productivity and engagement capabilities. Here are six useful social media apps that social marketers can use to enhance their social media images, audio, and video content:


Narro allows you to convert almost any text into a digital audio file. The app comes in the form of a Chrome extension, bookmarklet, Android, or iOS app. It lets you select from several male and female voices, and you can also change the playback speed for a more natural sound.

After converting the text of an article, the audio file is fed into the user’s personal feed. If you are a subscriber of podcast apps like Overcast, the article appears in your feed after a couple of minutes. The app has a free version and a premium version that costs $0.50 per hour.


This is a free plugin on Google Chrome’s Play Store that puts a to-do list where your Facebook news feed normally appears. When you are logged in and working on Facebook, the to-do list can help you avoid the distraction caused by the newsfeed. But even if the newsfeed is blocked, you can still use your Facebook pages and groups normally.

Social media marketers who get easily sidetracked by the newsfeed on Facebook can use the app to help them focus on accomplishing their priority tasks on Facebook pages or groups. Needless to say, the user can also mark the tasks on the to-do list as done even though they have not completed the tasks.


Emojipedia helps users find the emoji they need quickly and conveniently. To reduce the amount of scrolling, the app lets the user type the desired search term and find the relevant emojis only.


This is an extension on the Chrome browser that allows users to record their screen and webcam. If you wish to speak to an audience or share with your audience how something works, Loom is a great choice-especially where video is the best method of communicating your message.

Since the app creates a link that is accessible even if the recipient does not have an account, it is an excellent way of sharing video using email. It saves you the hassle of emailing back and forth when clarifying specific points. Users on Gmail can even play back the video directly on their message window.

Once you install the extension, you can use your computer’s camera to record whatever you are doing on- screen. After completing the recording session, the app opens a browser tab that has a URL. The URL can be copied and shared through email or across the web.

The app provides limitless video storage and analyzes logs and tracking metrics so you can find out how many people have seen your video. You may also password-protect, delete, or download your videos. Even if one needs to have Chrome on their desktops to record and send the videos, users can receive and play Loom videos using various programs.


This is a free mobile app that lets users share panoramic, 360-degree photographs using Instagram’s Carousel feature. Once the user uploads an image, the app splits it into several square-shaped images. Since Swipeable uses the entire panorama, any cropping needs to be done before using it to make your carousel. Users can have a maximum of ten images. Currently, Swipeable is only available for iOS – but an Android version is in the works.


Markticle helps you to bookmark articles so you can later continue reading where you left off. It has a sharing and notes feature that enable you to share comments about particular content in an article via Twitter or Facebook.

This free resource is available as an Android app or Chrome extension. After installation, open the article you wish to read, choose the point in the text where you want to stop and press M. You can also share the article or leave a note.

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