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How to Write Successful Facebook Ad Copy

Facebook ad copy may seem challenging to create for some. Not all the Facebook ad types allow for creative input, but some do offer some creative control. For you to create effective Facebook ad copy, the main thing is to keep the goal and the objective of the ad in mind at all the times. In addition to this, you can follow these guidelines to create creative and engaging Facebook ad copy.

Be Simple and Clear

The environment on Facebook can sometimes feel like you are surrounded by nothing but noise; posts popping up here and there every few seconds…so much content! This requires you to make your ad even clearer and more inviting. Ensure that the ad copy shows where the Facebook user will go when he/she clicks on the link. As you show this, try and express the problems that you are going to solve for the user and how they will benefit from what you are offering.

Be Direct

In the ad copy, try to speak directly to the people in your target audience. In doing so, try to use questions on your ad copy since this will pull just the right people to the ad making them more seriously consider what you are offering.

Do Not Mention Your Brand

Even though you might have done some hard work on branding your product, it is advisable that you do not include the brand in the ad copy. All you need to focus on is how to get the person click on your ad copy and from there the Facebook user will get to know you together with your brand even more.

Involve the Facebook Users

Since your product is targeted at solving a certain problem, it needs to be very involving and move the viewer emotionally. Your ad viewers have been struggling with a problem that you can now swoop in and solve for them.  Write emotional ad copy and get almost everybody clicking on your ad.

Make It Shout

Show your stuff by categorizing headlines just in the same way as body copy. You also need to get various versions of your ad copy so as to enable you to evaluate and to examine which one is most appropriate. In the categories you choose, try changing it up by varying the elements like word count, length, capitalization, call to action and punctuation. This can make a huge difference in how well your ad performs.

Think of the Kind of Data You Want to Gain

Try and keep in mind the kind of data that you wish to gain from your ad. Be innovative and ensure that the ad copy you write will help you in getting the type of data you are looking for. If the campaign is promoting a new product, for example, there should be aspects of the copy that focus on the major features of the product.

Adding a call to action in your ad is essential as well. The theory is that generally speaking, people who read your ad are waiting for you to tell them what to do, what the next step is. Don’t hesitate to use copy like “click here to…” and “get your free guide here.” Also, try to balance the ad copy so that it may be both relevant to the product and at the same time relevant to the person reading it. Following the above tips will not only help your Facebook ad copy get clicks, but it will also attract the right people who are interested in making a purchase.

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