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Is Facebook Still Relevant to Your Business?

It’s been a couple of years now since “experts” claimed that SEO was dead yet it’s still an important marketing technique today. At the moment focus has been shifted to Facebook with claims that it’s no longer an effective marketing tool. If you are supporting this argument, then you might want to think again because Facebook will be relevant for the foreseeable future in business for the following reasons:

Guaranteed Exposure

Your future customers are using Facebook and if your business can’t be found there, then that is a direct loss of your potential market. The only way you can build your business is if you put yourself in front of your target demographic. Just about everyone on the planet has a Facebook page and even if they don’t, you darn well can bet that they will be looking for you on Facebook. It is the ultimate resource for business in this day and age, kind of like the Yellow Pages used to be. If you weren’t listed in the Yellow Pages, you basically didn’t exist. That’s how it rolls with Facebook as well.

Simple and Effective Source of Leads

Having a Facebook page is a step in ensuring that you have a link with your potential customers and those who are interested in your product or service. Current customers can also communicate with you and sing your praises to new potential customers. The more you interact with your followers, the more they will get to know you. This builds a sense of trust. We all know that people want to purchase products and services from those they know, like and trust. Facebook is the ultimate platform to make that happen for your business. You can also link your Facebook content to your website and increase your sales.

Ridiculously Affordable Marketing Tool

Generally speaking, you never have to spend a cent to set up your Facebook business page and attract followers. We just talked about how millions of people are already on the platform, you just need to make sure they know you are there as well. It is in your best interest to invest a bit of money in Facebook Ads and Boosting certain posts, but the rates for doing so are incredibly affordable and the ROI is amazing. You simply will not find a more effective, more affordable advertising tool.

High Chance of Meeting Your Target Market

If you are a Facebook user you will agree that most pages that are suggested to you have something to do with your interests. The platform was developed in such a way that it can use your search history to know what topics you might be interested in. A business can, therefore, have a page which can then be suggested to its target market and they can be converted to buyers after liking the page. You can actually hand-pick who sees your posts so you’re not wasting time or money advertising your product or service to someone who clearly is not interested. This increases your chances of making a sale exponentially.

Brand Booster

Facebook users have the opportunity to voice their opinions about products and services they have received, letting oh, say a couple billion people know exactly how wonderful your company is. They can do this by leaving a comment on your business page timeline or rating your company and leaving a review of your business. The best advertisement is a happy customer. On Facebook, you can let your happy customers do the advertising for you!

Web Traffic

As we mentioned earlier, you can insert links to various items on your website directly into your Facebook posts. Facebook then generates a preview of the link that visitors to your page can click on that takes them directly to that particular item on your website. There they will most definitely make a purchase!

As you can see, Facebook is a valuable tool that everyone who is anyone is using to build and promote their businesses. If you’re not on Facebook you can bet your competitors are. Facebook is not going anywhere any time soon and is indeed still quite relevant for small businesses. Remember LightHouse Graphics for all of your social media marketing and graphic design needs.