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Never, EVER Use These Passwords for Your Business

Being the founder of a new business is not as easy as you may think. You have to deal with lots of data traffic and once your website or platform goes live, you are open to millions of users who are active on the internet. Your website address will most certainly be released to a whole lot of people through your clients and vendors. That is why you should always strongly protect your online presence to prevent being attacked by cyber-crime professionals. A strong password goes a long way in ensuring that your business is safe and sound in the era of the worldwide web. Here are some passwords for your business that may not be your best options while setting up your business account on any platform.

Password: This is perhaps the most commonly used password by people on the internet and hackers try to get into your account by first giving this one a try. Some of us might consider something like P@ssword or P@55w0rd! but these are also equally dangerous.

QWERTY: The first six letters of a generic keyboard for a computer is also one of the most famous passwords that one might use for their online accounts. This has been used by a lot of users because it is easy to remember and to type…and easy for even the most novice hackers to guess.

12345: Or, should we say, 6789 or 23456? That’s it. Consecutive use of four of five numbers is very vulnerable to cyber-attacks by hackers. Unless you want to transfer your business over to the hands of a hacker, don’t go for these kinds of passwords for your business. Step out of the box and try something original.

BusinessName1: If your business goes under the label of John’s Cakes, don’t come up with something like a johnscakes1 as a password for your business account. Although it is seemingly easier to remember, hackers would be able to bypass it without much effort at all.

Business Address: Let’s just say that your business is located at 230 Main Street. Using a password such as Main230 is a great way to get your accounts hacked for sure. Because of the ease of locating your place due to online maps, cyber-attackers would have no difficulty in logging into your account.

Date of Birth: Date of birth of the founder of a business can very easily be known by hackers, thanks to the social media world. This should be the last thing you would consider as a password.

Simple Dictionary Words: Don’t choose an easy to remember English Dictionary word to set your password. And it’s a huge no-no if that is something related to your business. Like no cakes, muffins or doughnut for your confectionery company.

Rather, think of a passphrase which can well be remembered by you but is unique at the same time. Just to cite an example, if your first car was a Ford, you can set your password for the business company like: ‘My!stcAr@Ford’. This kind of phrases is both difficult to guess and to type.

All of this information should be enough to make your business account safer than ever. With unique passwords, no one can hack into your business account. A strong password would really make your business one step ahead of others in terms of safety. If you are at a loss for an original password to use, try using the website

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