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Alexia Insurance Logo Design

Sometimes the simplest logo option can be the best. Check out the logo work that LightHouse Graphics did for Alexia Insurance.




One of the most important things we can do when creating a logo for a client is agree to work collaboratively. Because a logo is the face of someone’s business, it is important to give them a high-level of input and consideration to ensure that their logo addresses their personality. 



Conceptual Design

Symbols are an efficient way to brand your business. They state your company’s brand and help you manage public perception of your company. With this in mind, your logo is truly one of the most important business decisions you can make and we were thrilled that Alexia Insurance was willing to trust us to write theirs. 



When we create logos for clients, we ensure that we provide a variety of different file types for convenience, including an infinitely resizable and editable Adobe Illustrator file. Finally, when the client is ready to place their logo on business cards or other forms of industry swag, we can print and ship to our clients within twenty-four hours, saving the hassle of finding a printer!