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First Response Group, LLC Logo Design

Looking for a logo design that will convey nothing but efficiency and talent? Check out the work we did for First Response Group, LLC!



We chose a reasonably classic design for this logo, with an emphasis on strong, stoic print letters and a red font color that conveyed strength and perseverance. This tells clients that The First Response Group is able to get the job done! 



Conceptual Design

When The First Response Group came to us, they wanted a logo that would convey the essence of their company without isolating their broad range of services into one particular area. Because of the impressive range of capabilities that The First Response Group is able to provide their clients, it was important that we did not give the impression that this group only worked in one area of their industry.



As with all of our logos, we ensure that the files are created as vector images, meaning they can be infinitely resized and changed to their surroundings. Need a transparent background to put the logo in a website? No problem! Need to adjust the website for a company shirt? With this type of logo, that can be done too!