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HR Kangaroo

HR Kangaroo is known for its thoughtful efficiency–it was critical that their logo show just that. Want to see the finished product? View here!

Concepting 1



Our development team worked tirelessly, in hand with design, to create a beautiful, but ultimately efficient website. The client was in love! Nothing beats something that is pleasing to the eye, and easy to utilize. We think we did just that with this design! 

Development 3
Execution 1
Concepting 2


Conceptual Design

When HR Kangaroo came to us, they were looking for one of our most interesting projects yet. They wanted to create an interactive HR platform that would allow users to take time off, request professional development, and manage all aspects of their employment benefits needs.



The final step of ensuring that this website was launch ready was to quality check each feature. Our team has never had a better time testing a project than when they spent time coming up with new and innovative ways to submit time off requests on the HR Kangaroo portal! 

Execution 2