About This Project

This project was unique in the fact that Kemgo’s original website was already fairly well developed. There were certainly some major improvements that needed to be made, but compared to most of the websites we encounter and work on, this one actually wasn’t all that bad. We were able to help the founders of Kemgo formulate a new plan of action for the layout of their site, resulting in improved conversions and potential clients filling out their contact form.

From the Client:

I feel like everybody beat us to the punch in giving Josh and Phillip the 5-star rating they deserve. Great product, great work ethic, great speed, great communication and more. We are sure that the changes they helped us undertake will allow us to take our website and members to the next level! For peak at what they’ve helped us accomplish – check out Kemgo.com (shameless plug). Thanks, guys!

Graphic Design, Website Design