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Quality Content: A Tool for Reaching Customers

Creating quality content for your website has a direct impact on your bottom line. Put in the time and effort required to provide your readers with great content that they love to read. It will set you apart from your competitors, generate leads, and help build loyalty and trust in your brand.

Content marketing is 3x more likely to result in leads than paid search advertising. And small businesses with blogs have over 125% more lead growth than those without. You can’t afford to be lazy when it comes to your content.

The average Internet user is bombarded with new content every day. It comes into their email inboxes, their news feeds, and even their phones. As a result, they filter that content, whether consciously or not, according to what is useful or entertaining and what can be ignored.

It’s your opportunity to speak directly to your customers or potential customers. Tell them what they need to hear. Create content that will benefit your readers, and you will inevitably benefit your business.

Here are a few tips on how to make sure that your customers are happy to see your content in their feeds.

Make Your Content Original

Your social media posts or blog articles give your readers unique insight into your company. Consumers want to relate to your brand on a personal level, which means that they want the content that you share to be authentic and true. You can’t provide such an experience if you are copying other people’s content.

Google will reward you for providing original content. Their algorithms are designed to pick out original posts and give them priority on search engine listings. Consumers want unique and valuable content, and Google is doing its best to provide them with it.

Know Your Audience

Start researching your target demographic. Identifying the kinds of people who buy your products allows you to direct your social media posts toward the outlets where they are more likely to be seen by prospective clients.

Different people like to engage with different kinds of posts. Tailor your posts according to what your target audience likes to see. Don’t waste your time pandering to people who are unlikely to be converted into leads.

Focus your writing on your ideal customers. As you are developing your content, consider the problems of your clients and potential clients and how you can help solve them. Answer their common questions. Address their doubts or fears about your products or services. Educate them on ways you can make their life easier. Highlight trends in the industry. Provide them with relevant information.

An unexpected benefit of conducting research on your audience is that you might discover a new niche where your products and posts perform better than expected.

Be Accurate and Honest

People will judge your company’s ethos based on the posts that you publish. This means that they must be able to trust your posts to be accurate sources of information that they can rely on for the truth. Reporting on or sharing false information will seriously damage your company’s reputation.

Creating posts that are accurate is fairly easy. Link to articles that are from sources that your readers already trust. 

Linking to several sources rather than one also helps to strengthen your reputation. Information appears more reputable when it comes from multiple sources rather than one. Linking to multiple sources also improves how search engines categorize your content and rank you accordingly.

Create Content That Entertains

Consumers are looking for content that gives them something to think about. Whether it’s a potential solution for a problem they’ve been dealing with, a new development in the industry they are curious about, or an opportunity to learn new ways to help their customers, they will appreciate their positive engagement with your brand.

Case studies are a great way to entertain your readers. A story of success or failure can get a complex point across in an anecdotal manner. Stories also allow you to engage emotions, which helps readers form a bond with your brand.

Encourage Comments and Engagements

Reader engagement is one way that search algorithms rate a post’s success. You should pay close attention to how many people are liking, commenting on, or sharing your posts. Use that information to tailor your future posts to reflect those that sparked the greatest reader engagement. Even a lack of engagement can be helpful, as it lets you know what your readers do not like.

Quality content has the ability to make you and your business stand out from the crowd. LightHouse Graphics specializes in several areas of online presence, including social media management and content creation. If your business needs assistance in these areas, contact us. We’d love to work with you.