Is Your SEO Strategy Failing? This Could Be Why

Is Your SEO Strategy Failing? This Could Be Why…

 SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is a powerful addition to your marketing strategy but only 20 percent of online businesses are able to take advantage of this digital marketing while the remaining 80 percent fail due to the following reasons:

  • Using outdated tactics

Most big corporations with a high volume of online sales work with SEO experts who use outdated tactics that no longer bring the expected results. This results in problems on so many levels. First, you will not be able to overtake competitors who are using cutting-edge tactics.

More importantly, there are risks involved in using outdated tactics. Most of these techniques that were once acceptable in search engine optimization are now considered black hat or spammy meaning you can incur heavy penalty that may lead to the removal of part or all the content in your site from search results. This can have a disastrous impact on your business especially if you depend on organic traffic for sales and leads.

A good SEO practitioner stays updated with the latest search engine optimization tactics and is well aware of any emerging shifts and trends in the marketplace.

  • Having a set and forget mentality

Unlike other form of marketing, SEO is not a one-time solution, instead, it is an ongoing process. But due to quick fix solutions promised by inexperienced and unscrupulous vendors, most people often think that SEO is a sequence of steps that should only be taken once then forgotten. This cannot be further from the truth.

SEO strategies become effective with time and abandoning the effort only leads to failure as competitors seldom stop trying to beat you. Properly implemented SEO tactics will bring success after weeks, months or even years but only if they are nurtured continuously.

  • No goal tracking or accountability

When things do not give the desired outcome, you should be able to detect it early. Without a goal tracking and analytic program it is difficult measure progress and track key performance indicators in order to determine what is working and what isn’t which leads to SEO failure.

A well-defined road map with tasks assigned to specific members will help streamline and enhance your SEO plan.

  • Low ambition and no stamina

This is a major cause of SEO failure. As stated above, SEO gets better over time but since most businesses do not have realistic budgets and timelines for their SEO campaign, they are not willing to make sufficient investment but they want results immediately. Once they realize that more effort is required to achieve the desired results, they opt to scale down their targets.

A key requirement for success in SEO is the ability stay the course, have an adequate budget and spread out over the campaign period. If you stop before gaining traction, it will certainly lead to failure.

  • Failing to see the big picture

Above everything else, a good SEO consultant should understand the needs of their client and keep in mind that achieving the business objectives is the main focus and not creating well optimized pages with high rankings.

An SEO strategy is aimed at making more sales, generating more money, acquiring more customers, keeping customers happy by delivering quality products or services and retaining current traffic and ranking.

SEO success does not happen overnight, and they is no way to predict when SEO activities will pay off meaning that patience is a virtue that all webmasters should practice. Also stay updated and focused on the ultimate results. That is how you will avoid failing in SEO.

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