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All Social Media Platforms Are Not Created Equal

Social media has been growing rapidly in the recent years. The number of individuals and businesses using different social media platforms has been growing steadily. A perfect example of this growth is that in the last two years more than 45 million brands have been added to Facebook. The popularity of Snapchat has also grown exponentially. We will discuss the unique features and key demographics of the various social media channels so as to help you make the right decision while choosing the best platforms to use for your business.


This is still the top social media platform when it comes to sharing different types of content including videos, photos, news and deals. This particular platform continues to grow with some of the industries such as the fashion industry adopting it completely. To provide the market with the right solutions, Facebook introduced Facebook Live which is a forum that allows users to broadcast live content which allows them to engage with their followers directly in real time. Statics shows that 80% of Americans use Facebook and more than 1.18 billion users globally log in to Facebook on a daily basis. When it comes to demographics the statistics show that majority of the Facebook users are between the ages of 25 and 35 but the number of people above 65 who use Facebook has also been increasing.


This is also one of the strongest and fastest-growing social media platforms. Instagram has about 500 million active users. This platform was purchased by Facebook in 2012 and it allows users to share videos, photos, and messages. The top brands usually post about five times weekly on Instagram and the engagement rates on this platform are fifteen times higher than on Facebook and almost twenty times higher than on Twitter. Most of the Instagram users are female and more than a half of these users are between 18 and 29. When segregated according to income it shows that more than 30% of Instagram users earn an annual income of between $50,000 and $75,000 with twenty-six percent of the users earning more than $75,000.


This is also a photo sharing platform which gives the users an opportunity to save, sort and upload their photos on a customized board. This platform is especially ideal for businesses that want to advertise using customized visuals and minimal text. The unique feature of this particular platform is that the more you upload the more the chances of making a sale since Pinterest can redirect users to your website. The statistics about this particular platform shows that 67% of the users are below 40 years and 85% of the users are female. It is also a strong platform since statistics show that 93% of the users said they use it to plan for purchase 87% of the users said they have used this particular platform to purchase something.


This is a photo sharing and messaging application that gives the users an opportunity to send messages. The content is sent in the form of photos or videos where, after some stipulated time, it disappears. This makes it important for users using this platform to be creative since it is important to post fresh content at all times. Snapchat is so popular among young users and teens that last year it was rated as the most popular social media platform among teens.

As you can see, each social media platform has its unique benefits. At LightHouse Graphics, we believe it’s important to have a presence on as many social media platforms as possible so our clients can reach as many different potential clients as they can. Some who enjoy Facebook may not be on Pinterest, so we make sure our clients are basically everywhere. That way you cover all your bases. If funds are tight, choose the top two platforms that you feel best represent the demographics of your target audience and focus your social media efforts there first. You can always expand your presence later.

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