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This is Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads Right Now

Facebook is among the most prominent social networking sites today. Since the conception of its campus-based version, the site has already marked its place in the international scene. It seems obvious that there is no stopping Facebook from growing its market to the virtual marketing community. In the last eight years or so, Mark Zuckerberg and his brainchild have been through numerous controversies, but they are still standing. While Facebook was initially intended solely as a social network platform, it has grown beyond this boundary and is now becoming the biggest trend in online advertising. Here are our top reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook.

Facebook has a global reach.

It is no doubt that the site has already successfully reached millions of Internet users worldwide. Although some countries may have banned the site, you still have millions of people worldwide remaining as an audience to advertise your business.

Facebook has a responsible advertising policy.

If you read the site’s policy concerning advertising, you can rest assured that the site properly controls the advertising of its members. It has good policy implementation and guidelines which give you the confidence of doing business on their site. It would be assuring to know that you are trying to market your business on a site that is as responsible as you are.

Facebook ads on this hugely popular social networking site can help you narrow or broaden your advertising scope.

The scope of your ad reach is a basic essential in advertising. Whether you are interested in promoting your product or service locally or globally, Facebook has accommodations for both.  Facebook gives its members flexible options on how to do their business through the management of  their ad preferences.

The site has specific demographics to reach your business target market.

Demographics provided in Facebook are already available. This makes it easier for you to reach out to your target audience based on age, gender, or interests. You can quickly match your business to the particular market you want to reach without too much work on your end.

Facebook provides a relatively equal advertising platform.

An equal advertising platform is shown through one company, one account policy. This is quite frankly an equal footing. All the companies and advertisements would be complying with only one set of guidelines. Thus both big and small businesses can compete against each other fair and square in advertising their products and services on Facebook.

Facebook allows for strict budget control.

This is perhaps one of the best features of advertising on Facebook. You can opt to pay Facebook whenever your ads are shown (pay per ads view), or you can also choose if you would like your payment option to be pay per click, each time a potential client clicks your links, you would be paying Facebook. That is a good deal for online marketers as they could easily choose which program is most suitable for their business ads.

Facebook provides an easy interface to use in promoting your business.

Facebook does not need you to be a programmer or even a computer buff to set up your advertisement. In just a few quick and easy steps you can create an ad that will blow your business out of the water. You can also tweak your ad according to the analytics and run it again for a more effective campaign, all for just a few cents per click. Oh, and did we mention you are advertising to millions of people who are already using the platform on a regular basis? Not a bad deal, right?

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