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A Simple Marketing Technique Will Change Your Business

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for marketing. We run our businesses and our products and services are stellar, but when it comes to letting people know about them, we fall short.

Some business owners will tell you that they don’t want to sound pushy or salesy. Others just don’t have the time to research marketing strategies and go over analytics. There is, however, one simple thing each and every business owner can do that will have an incredible impact on the success of their business…and we’re about to share it with you.

You know that feeling you get when you’re looking for something on a website and you see the tab that says “FAQs”? You grab your mouse and click on that sucker, right? It’s like a cheat sheet to finding exactly what you want to know faster than Kim Kardashian can change hair colors. So why not use this beloved feature to your advantage and market your biz while you’re answering questions? Here’s what we mean.

More times than not, FAQs are used to answer questions that people have asked about the products or services a company provides. The secret to using FAQ pages as marketing tools lies not only in which questions are asked but in how they are answered. Say your company sells clothing. One of your FAQs may be “Do you sell dresses?” You have two options in how you can answer: Option 1, the direct answer, “Yes, we sell dresses.” or Option 2, the detailed answer, “We sell dresses in all colors and styles, sizes and shapes. We also sell specialized shoes and accessories that will make every outfit pop.” Option 2 gives the reader the answer to the question but also introduces them to other products that they may be interested in purchasing as well. This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce visitors to products they may not have known you sold.

Our next little nugget of marketing genius happens after you have answered the main questions your visitors have asked. Now it’s time to answer the questions you want them to know the answers to…make sense? If you are one of the only specialty clothing boutiques in your area, that may not be a question anyone asks but it’s definitely something you want people to know. You can post something like, “Are your products carried in larger chain stores?” and then answer with, “Our products are specialty made, couture items that can only be found in our store. We are the only specialty clothing boutique in the tri-county area.” This gives you a chance to share a little about your business and what may make it more appealing than other businesses. Tell your story and give your visitors a look into why your business is special.

Another great strategy is using links to your website within the answers to your FAQs. Someone may ask, “How long have you been in business?” and you can reply with, “Visit our About page for more information on how and when our business was born.” Be sure to include a link to your About Page so visitors can switch over to your website in one simple click.

FAQ pages are a simple and easy way anyone can market their business without coming off as pushy or salesy. They give readers the information they want and need while also providing information that will help further promote your business.