5 Reasons You Should Be Building Your Site on WordPress

Top 5 Reasons You Should Build Your Website on WordPress

Blogs have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are forums where people discuss various questions and topics pertaining to their industry or interests. There are blogs that are dedicated to discussing politics, sports, community matters and pretty much any other topic under the sun. WordPress offers blogs with incredible themes and various tools to enhance its ability to serve your business. There are many online companies that use these blogs to market their products and services. They are also favored by Google searches than many other types of websites. Read on to discover more reasons you should be building your website on WordPress.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Build Your Website in WordPress

  1. The importance of blogs in SEO If you are an internet marketer, you understand the importance of social networking sites in search engine optimization. In the same way, you can use blogs for improving SEO and building your ranking on search engines. If you publish an article and use popular keywords, your post will then be picked up by the search engines and show up in their results for those particular keywords. The goal is to get your site to appear on page one of the search for your keyword. Search engines love WordPress sites, so you would already be at an advantage.
  1. WordPress as a website building tool WordPress is an amazing tool for building not just blogs, but complete business websites. There is no coding necessary, as WordPress does all of the work for you and has essentially created a “plug and play” platform. There are a plethora of tools offered by WordPress that make the possibilities for your website endless. There are thousands of templates and themes developed by WordPress which you could use on your website. You have ample opportunity to brand your website to match the product you are going to sell.
  1. Sidebar and the widget area allow you to install a sign-in page and an autoresponder. Your website will look professional as you respond immediately when a question is being asked.These sites are easy to manage even if it has 15 pages. If you were to choose another type of site where you had to use HTML code, it would not be nearly as easy to manage.
  1. One thing you need to be careful is to not to display your affiliate marketing links in WordPress blogs. This is not allowed as they have stopped giving such links in their blogs. In case you want to have your links displayed on your own blog, the best thing is to look for a Google blogger which has fewer restrictions. If you don’t mind spending a little money, you have the option to get a HostGator membership and create a blog that has your affiliate links included. With these sites, there are no limitations and you could use the blog any way you want.
  1. With the use of their blogging tools, you could create static websites that could be used on any kind of marketing. It could be an e-commerce site, auction site or a portfolio site. You will end up with a high-quality site that is able to draw traffic. Your options with a WordPress sites are endless. Therefore, you have the option to build websites for any type of need. You could choose between having a blog and a website depending on the purpose of your website. These sites could have any number of videos and graphics also in order to enhance their popularity.


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