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Transform Your Blog Post Into a Video With These Easy Steps

If you are a blogger, it can be useful to convert your posts into video content. Here are two kinds of videos that you can easily make and share on your social media platforms.

Dividing your blog post into several segments to allow easy scripting

Video is a great way of reusing your blog content. You need to begin by treating your blog post like a script. You can’t just read your entire blog verbatim; that’s just going to be boring.  It is better to have a video that highlights the most important aspects of your blog post.

Because recording a shortened segment is simpler than recording a long one, structure your script in a manner that enables you to break up the content into several short segments. For instance, the text can be split to include a heading, a vital quote and a few extra details that will assist your audience to make better use of the content. After subdividing the script, you can opt to record it on camera yourself or make a slideshow using text and still images

Making an on-camera video

To create a camera video, you can record yourself using your smartphone and a simplified lighting and mic system. In case you do not have studio lighting, recording outside or next to a window can also work well.

Start by recording your script in one take but include three to five second mid-segment pauses. This makes it easy to split the various segments into clips when using a video editor. For example, you can have segments for the blog post title, main points (corresponding to blog subheadings) and the takeaways that your audience will find interesting.

After you finish recording, you can combine the various segments into one video. To accomplish this, you can use video editors such as iMovie (for Mac, iPad and iPhone) and HitFilm Express ( for Windows). After importing your clips to the video project, drag and drop them to your timeline. Each clip needs to be placed in order and title slides and transitions can then be inserted between the clips. Once you are satisfied with your video, export it in your preferred video format and upload it to your social media platform of choice.

When making your video, it is advisable to add video captions because a lot of people will watch when they have muted their sound.

Creating a slideshow video

Making a slideshow using text and images from your post is easier and quicker than recording yourself and creating video clips.

There are massive libraries of stock videos and photos that you can source material from. Using a free program such as Adobe Spark, you can easily make a slideshow of words and images.

The important thing is knowing what message you want to convey to your audience. Since you have already come up with a script from your blog post, adapting your post as a video is an easy process.

To make a video using Adobe Spark, you have the option of starting from scratch or using a template. The Adobe Spark template lets you select the slide style and also change the theme music and colors. You will need to remove the app branding from your final video.

The bottom line

Blog posts are valuable sources of material if you wish to widen your market reach using video. When you start regarding your blog post as a script, the possible applications are almost limitless. For instance, you can use a lengthy how-to video made for YouTube to make a shorter video for Instagram or Facebook.

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