Use These Holidays to Spice Up Your Social Media Content!!

Use These Holidays to Spice Up Your Social Media Content

Creating engaging social media content isn’t always easy. You’ve got to keep things relevant in order to be competitive. You should fill the calendar for your social media content marketing with campaign launches, national holidays and important events. This will enable you to have vital dates and milestones to use to market your content and brand. Although months like January usually have a slew of events such as product launches and major sales, you may not have sufficient social content to use in the months that follow.

So how are you expected to have a consistent social media engagement with your followers and friends throughout the year? The key is to celebrate a lot of “micro holidays” which have universal appeal to many people online and offer a lot of opportunities to create effective social media campaigns. Here are examples of micro holidays that you can use on social media. But bear in mind that the type of content you create should be relevant to your brand or business.


In January, there are six holidays you can celebrate with your target audience using social media content that will suit the day and draw them to your brand. Jan 4 is Trivia Day, you can discuss trivial pursuits that are connected with your business, #NationalTriviaDay. Jan 15 is Hat Day, What about putting up a hat with your brand on it and offering a few tips about choosing hats, #NationalHatDay. Jan 17 is Ditch Resolution Day, explain the dangers in not keeping those New Year resolutions, #DitchYourResolutionDay. Jan 20 is Cheese Lovers Day, reach out to cheese lovers with some exclusive cheese recipes, #NationalCheeseLoversDay. Jan 23 is the Community Manager’s Appreciation Day, tell your followers about the importance of community service, #CMAD.


In February, you can use the following trivial holidays to keep your audience excited about your social media content and brand: Feb 7 is Send Card to Your Friend Day, explain the value of this age-long tradition #SendACardToAFriendDay. On Feb 11, it is time to celebrate the Inventors Day by explaining some innovations in your business, produced with the inspiration received from a well-known inventor, #NationalInventorsDay. Feb 15, the day after Valentine’s day is the date to talk about the Single Awareness Day, #SinglesAwarenessDay. On Feb 17, which is the day to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness, tell your audience about the importance of kindness, #RandomActsOfKindnessDay. You can donate money, time, products or services and encourage your followers to do the same.


Let your business march forward by providing some stimulating tweets and Facebook posts on the following dates. March 3 is the Day of Unplugging, give a few tips about how your audience can unplug, #NationalDayOfUnplugging. On March 14, share a few tips about potatoes on the Potato Chip Day, #NationalPotatoChipDay. March 18 is Awkward Moments Day, a day when you can use a little humor to keep your audience happy #AwkwardMomentsDay. March 23 is the Puppy Day; can you give a short tweet about the value of a cute puppy and how to take care of one? #NationalPuppyDay. Round up your campaign in March with the Doctors Day on March 30: #NationalDoctorsDay.


In April, you can take advantage of at least six holidays to enable you to reach out to your followers. On April 7, share some tips on beer because it is Beer Day, #NationalBeerDay. Three days later on April 10, discuss the value of siblings and how to relate with siblings on Siblings Day #NationalSiblingsDay. April 11 is Pet Day, a few pictures of nice looking pets and the joy they offer is appropriate, #NationalPetDay. On April 20, Look-alike Day, #NationalLookAlikeDay is a day when a few well-chosen pictures can be used to tell a short story about issues that arise when you confuse one person with their look-alike. April 22 is Earth Day and you can show how your company protects the earth by adopting the best environmentally friendly practices, #EarthDay. Round up the month with a tweet about the benefits of being honest in business, April 30 is Honesty Day, #NationalHonestyDay.

With these holidays in mind, you can easily do your research and content writing in advance. Then post them in a scheduling app that will help you publish them through multiple social channels on the same day.

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