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Content Before Design – Why It Is So Important

When it comes to website development, one of the biggest dilemmas is whether design or content should be prioritized. Different people have varying preferences, with some preferring to set up elaborate website designs that they think will give a boost to their content, while others preferring to work on the content before coming up with a design that compliments it.

Content is more than just words. It is a broad term that encompasses a range of website items such as images, videos, calls to action, contact forms, links, and audio. Although it solely depends on your personal preference, you will generally find that it is easier to prepare content before design when it comes to website development. This can be attributed to the fact that content tends to heavily influence design.

So why is content before design in website development so important?

Website content heavily influences website design. By prioritizing website content, you have a clear plan on how the information provided can help you navigate website design. If you begin by designing first, you might be forced to modify relevant content, completely changing your direction in website development. Furthermore, designers usually need some content which they can use as a guide. Instead, use design to optimize your website content. For instance, you can utilize design to highlight the content that you want visitors to your website to see first.

During website development, it is important to start by documenting elements such as the desired user flow and call to actions before embarking on website design so as to properly allow you to showcase the website in the most comprehensible way.

Prioritizing website content helps you avoid unnecessary delays

Adding content to your website before designing means you will end up with a flawless layout that makes the design process relatively effortless and cost-effective. On the other hand, designing first before coming up with workable content means that you may inevitably come up with website content that does not fit the approved website design. This leaves no option but to adjust both the content and design, which will cost you in terms of time and money. This will only serve to frustrate your website development process.

Starting with content creates consistency

Including website content before incorporating design allows you more consistency across the site. This is because when you know exactly what type of content you have, whether it is audio, video or text, you can design your website interface based on this information. Consequently, you will develop a well-organized website with a logical hierarchy, giving site visitors an easy time.

Website content conveys your message better than the website design

Prioritizing web content allows you to communicate the values, beliefs, and benefits of your products more effectively. After successfully achieving this, incorporate high-quality web design to enhance your content. Therefore, a website that is informative first before anything else is more likely to get more traffic than one that is aesthetically pleasing but lacks content.

Adding content before website design helps avoid potential conflict

Designing a website before adding content invites opportunities for conflict to arise between designers and content writers. These disagreements may come about when designers are subjected to making constant alterations to achieve the desired compatibility with the website content. In the end, the constant back-and-forth may result in a hostile work environment.

Compiling content first allows you to fix potential mistakes/problems

It is easier to carry out information editing during website development when you kick things off by adding content. During this phase, you can easily delete or add relevant content without having to worry about also making a complete overhaul of your website design.

Final Thoughts

Starting the website creation process with content over design is the best way to create the best user experience and to minimize costs. Unless your situation demands that you start with web design, you will have an easier time if you focus on content first. Creating content first will allow you to come up with an appropriate design. It will also help you avoid any setbacks that result from unnecessary modifications that may need to be made when the design is done first. Finally, the information presented on your website will be more reliable and consistent when you choose to add content before design.

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