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What Happened to My Yelp Review?

A Yelp review is among some of the most trusted service reviews particularly when it comes to local businesses, however, many people do not understand how Yelp reviews work. Yelp makes use of automated recommendation software that analyzes user data and makes the most relevant recommendations that are aligned with the views of the majority of the Yelp community. The following are some of the ways that the recommendation software work and why your Yelp review may disappear.

Recommendation Software and Yelp Advertisers

Yelp asserts that its recommendation software treats non-advertising and advertising businesses in the same way. Plenty of advertisers with 5-star ratings have just as much chance of being recommended as Yelp advertisers with negative reviews. Moreover, Yelp does not in any way control when the review is recommended or not recommended. The timing of recommended reviews has nothing to do with when a business declines or decides to advertise.

Non-recommended Reviews and Their Impact on Star Ratings

A business’s star rating is in no way impacted by reviews that are not currently recommended, rather, the overall recommended reviews impact is what is important. As such, if you have many currently not recommended negative reviews, they will not influence your business’s star rating until those reviews become recommended and are added to the index. This is unfortunate, particularly if you are confident that you have accumulated quite a significant number of positive reviews.

How Robust is the Recommendation Software

One of the many questions you may have is if the security systems of the software allow Yelp employees to override the recommendation software. However, the Yelp software is automated such that it maintains the standard by giving unbiased reviews that are not driven by personal beer preferences or what side of the bed some administrator woke up on.

Is Every Yelp Review Eventually Recommended?

With the millions of Yelp reviews received from users daily, the recommendation software works by highlighting reviews that reflect the majority views of Yelp users. Nonetheless, while recommended reviews account for approximately 75% of reviews, all reviews can be viewed from a link at the bottom of the page or on user profile pages. It is important to note that the 25% of not recommended reviews do not affect review count or the business’s overall star rating.

Since the intention of Yelp is to build a community that offers useful and reliable feedback, it filters out the positive, negative, or emotional posts that do not add value.

Reviews That Dominate Yelp

Approximately four-fifths of recommended reviews are 3-star or higher though that may be because the majority of Yelp users will leave positive feedback. However, since the recommendation software will try as much as possible to highlight the most reliable and helpful reviews, some positive reviews will be omitted from the index even if they have a high star rating.

The Yelp Recommendation Software

The company uses an automated software that analyzes different measures of quality and reliability of user reviews and automatically selects the most relevant ones. Moreover, the software is made to detect any user reviews that are shared from intrinsic motivations and offer detailed and rich information about experiences with local businesses. By analyzing the most common details, keywords, and emotions that users use in their reviews, the software can get a good idea of which reviews are more in tune with general opinions.

Different Reviews for Different Days

The recommendation software is always analyzing new data every day and hence as it makes its rounds, it will pick up the review you left about the roaches in that local coffee shop last night. If enough people report bugs in that coffee shop, the software will recognize previous data as going stale and hence will update the index with the latest recommendations.

Reasons for a Review Being “Not Recommended”

Several reasons may result in a review not being included in the recommended index. For instance, unhelpful raves or rants with very little detail or lacking in the general language expected of a certain industry may be excluded from the recommended index. Some users are fishy and give a fake Yelp review that shows bias (typically originate from the same computer usually of the owner or a friend). Newer users or users that have not accumulated a significant number of Yelp reviews may have their recommendations excluded.

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