What Makes an Effective Lead Generation Form?

What Makes an Effective Lead Generation Form?

An effective lead generation form is an essential component of any landing page. It’s the catalyst that turns a visitor into a lead. Consequently, it is essential to optimize these forms to be as effective as possible. Let’s take a look at what makes an effective lead generation form.

Avoid page friction.

Page friction is anything that distracts visitors in a way that causes them to leave the page or avoid completing your form. Difficult menus, too many fields, distracting colors, and an abundance of text are all examples of page friction.

Include an enticing call to action.

The call to action is what leads your visitor to submit your lead generation form. It triggers the action. There are a variety of actions that may result from the submission of your form:

  •   newsletter subscription
  •   account generation
  •   trial initiation
  •   contact request
  •   incentive request – such as a free booklet, toolkit, guide, etc.
  •   discount


Make it look good.

Don’t hide your form in the midst of a long scrolling page, and don’t let it blend into the background. Make it visible, complementing the design of your page but clear enough to get attention from your visitors.

Keep it short and sweet.

Research shows keeping forms to 3 to 7 fields is ideal for conversions. Consider what you need for a quality lead. More fields mean better quality leads, but they also increase the chance your visitor will give up before completing the form.

Consider using optional fields for information that isn’t essential but would be nice to have. Optional fields allow visitors to provide extra input if they want, but they can choose to skip them if they are in a rush or don’t want to respond.

Make your forms as quick and easy as possible. Use social logins and smart forms to streamline the process and save visitors valuable time.

Make it foolproof.

Include asterisks for required information, so the visitor knows exactly what is necessary.

If information is missing or in an improper format, highlight it in a way that makes it obvious to the user what is wrong.

Add a link to your privacy policy to generate trust and make it easy for visitors to verify before they hand over their information.

Use descriptive text on your submit button rather than the generic “Submit.” It’s more interesting, and it makes it clear exactly what the user is doing. For example, use “Start My Free Trial” rather than “Submit.” Finally, make the submit button obvious by using a contrasting color. Don’t leave visitors scrambling as to how to finish the job.

Using your website to generate leads is a no-brainer. Make sure you are using your opportunity well. Remember to keep your forms simple, fast, and easy for great results.

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