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What Type of Facebook Ad Best Suits Your Business?

Facebook and Instagram have over a billion active users on a daily basis. Connecting with all these people from a marketing point of view isn’t easy. If you have decided that you will use various Facebook visual ads for your marketing campaign, you need to ensure that you are doing it right. First, you must be sure about which Facebook ad best suits your business needs. This article will provide you with the various tips you can use to improve the overall performance of your chosen Facebook ad. The article will cover Facebook visual ads including carousel ads, video ad, and dynamic ads among others.

General Tips for All Ads

These are the tips you must always consider irrespective of the ad type you chose to use. They include:

  • The Ad Must Stand Out: Remember, Facebook’s color scheme is blue and gray. For the ad to stand out, use brighter colors like yellow, red and orange. Also, remember, most of this traffic is mobile, you must ensure that you are creating only thumb-stopping visuals.
  • Apply the 80/20 Rule: Here, you get to give a lot of priority to the visual than the text. Basically, 80% performance of this ad is driven by the video or image while the remaining 20% is covered by your text.
  • Ensure They Are Concise: Where text is being used, ensure that you have less that 120 characters.

Tips When Using Carousel Ads

If you intend to effectively highlight product variety, tell any visual story, and provide details about your services among others, then choose this ad type. The secret for anyone that isn’t interested in the order of this videos and images is to upload around ten of them and then allow the Facebook algorithm to sort them out based on their engagement with each other.

Tips When Using Video Ads

Remember, videos usually perform far much better than images. The secret is to ensure they are short (less than 30 seconds) and with a well-optimized thumbnail. Also, adding appropriate text overlay in these videos will improve their performance. For prospecting purposes, choose all those that viewed at least 75% of your video and engage them for sequential messaging.

Tips When Using Single-Image Ads

Add text overlays, a call to action button, and logos to your chosen image to improve its marketing performance. To avoid any Facebook delivery limitations, remain with thin the 20% limit on logo or text.

Tips when using Dynamic Ads

They are the best for any e-commerce and retail marketing needs. They can also be used by other brands like those in real estate, travel, and food delivery. In addition to the tips covered under the carousel ads tips, you must consider all cross-sell and up-sell capabilities so as to increase average order values and margins. Also, while managing all your budgets and bids autonomously, you need to ensure that your ad set audiences are only based on duration, depth, and recency.

Tips When Using Slideshow Ads

They are best for testing any brand under the correct conditions. Mostly, they have has been used in areas that experience poor/bad internet connectivity and to any user that has an old OS. You can use then to gauge possible user engagement way before you invest heavily in canvas and video ads.

Tips When Using Canvas Ads

These ads allow you to take your users through a visually immersive experience that is contained within Instagram and Facebook. It allows you to use numerous visual elements that can be mixed and matched with canvas to produce excellent results. The secret is to include many calls to action buttons within the ad.

All of the above tips will help you get great results irrespective of the Facebook ad you choose to use for your business.

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