B2B Managed Hosting Services for Your Website

Managed Hosting Services

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Managed hosting services are a great offering provided by web development companies to ensure your website is continuously being cared for. 

Truly, any industry can be well served by managed hosting. If your needs include web application hosting, custom application hosting, data storage, and analytics, or backup and crash recovery, managed hosting could be for you.

Regardless of your industry, the value of having seasoned professionals proactively monitor your website infrastructure is invaluable. Managed hosting services allows the business owner to count on web development professionals to ensure their website rarely experiences crashes. In the rare event that a website does crash, they can further rest assured that their website will be quickly restored to its complete functionality. 

What services can I expect from my managed hosting provider?

Managed hosting services distinguish themselves from dedicated hosting providers through hardware and software setup, technical support, system maintenance, and more. These services may be offered through packages that vary in pricing based on the level of management that a provider offers. 

You can expect that your managed service provider will offer a variety of services, including:

  • Backups and crash recovery
  • Distribution of workloads across servers
  • Acquisition, testing, and installation of patches
  • Proactive and reactive security services
  • Physical security measures at data centers
  • Server configuration and maintenance
  • Application and plug-in support and updates
  • Technical support

You can expect that these services will come with a service-level agreement, which will outline the services the customer is paying for. This will help you know what to expect from your hosting provider.

Why should I pay for managed hosting services?

Managed hosting services can benefit your business in a variety of ways. First and foremost, managing your website through a service provider offers you boutique hosting services, which will ensure that users can always access your site quickly. If your site download times drop, your leads are sure to drop with it. Prevent this by dropping your bounce rate through managed hosting services.

Patches are important to plug potential security holes in your website. When you regularly review your patches, you ensure that your site visitors won’t experience bugs that should have already been noted and fixed. 

Let’s say you launch a brand new product and are expecting a boost in web traffic as you broadcast it to your network. However, if your site isn’t prepared to handle the traffic, it will crash. Then your product launch is a complete bust. Managed hosting can prevent this by placing all of your site content on a dedicated server that is meant to manage high spikes.

Finally, the choice to go with managed hosting is often a time-saving option. The median salary of an IT manager is $86,000. Rather than paying someone in-house to manage your needs, save money by allowing a managed hosting provider to manage it for you. 

Can’t I manage my own hosting services? 

You surely can. However, we wouldn’t recommend it. Think about your daily task list. Likely, it’s already pretty long. By choosing to self-manage your website, you are adding a variety of tasks to your already lengthy list–configuring control panels, connecting web services, patching your sites, and more. 

Do you want to spend hours managing your website or building your business? If you have all day to manage your website, go for it. However, if you’d like to spend your time growing your empire, we recommend pursuing the option of managed hosting. 

We are proud to offer comprehensive website wraparound services. Not only can we build you a beautiful website, but we can ensure the design is flawless and the content is unparalleled. 

Furthermore, we can manage your hosting. Although you certainly have the option to take your website to an outside hosting location, allowing us to host your website offers a myriad of special services. When we host you on our private servers, we ensure that traffic runs smoothly to your site, we track data on your site performance, and we troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.]s of what you’re looking to do, you’ll have access to developers at your fingertips, ready to jump in and help you. 

Reach out today to help your business reach its full potential. With a strongly managed website, you will ensure that the first virtual impression anyone has of your business is that of efficiency and functionality. After that kind of experience, they won’t hesitate to contact you to become new clients!

Managed Hosting Services

Schedule a call to discuss our Managed Hosting Services.
We have qualified professionals ready to maintain your website 24/7.