LightHouse Graphics is a boutique and specialized digital consulting company based in Orange County, California. We bring Orange County Web Design, and other services that are crafted and individually inspired, to every small and medium-size size business we work with, which is why our loyal following of clients, partners and users love us.

We have worked with Lighthouse graphics on a few occasions and they have always exceeded our expectations. Whether it is in their professionalism with coming up with the perfect design, or the quickness of the printing and delivery. I have not ever been disappointed. I am happy to recommend Lighthouse Graphics to all of our clients and colleagues, they really are Lighting the way to all of our marketing and advertising needs.
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Orange County Web Design

Our websites are designed and developed around one of the most powerful and versatile website software available today, WordPress. This allows us to completely customize the look and feel of your site while allowing you to take the driver's seat for one of your most powerful marketing tools, your website. Our team of experts can assess your current site, or provide you some free ideas of what your website could look like in the right hands.

Orange County SEO

Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is no longer an accessory to be ``added`` on to your website. SEO goes hand in hand with your website. Just as the Yellow Pages were vitally important for businesses in the past, SEO is the new Yellow Pages for small and medium size businesses. Customers young and old utilize this powerful tool to find, research and decide what companies they will end up purchasing from or using services. Are you invisible online?

Orange County Social Media Management

Let's face it, after a busy day of running your business and worrying about the day-to-day operations, the last thing you want to think or worry about is your Social Media presence. While many businesses like to burry their heads in the sand and ignore it, Social Media trends are not going away or slowing down anytime soon. We can worry about this for you, relieving your worrying.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you, step by step.



Eye Popping Design & Development

You only get one fist impression, why waste that on a poor image that represents your company? We have some of the top designers and coders in the field of graphic design and programming on our team, which makes it your team. Let's give you a second chance on that first impression.

Online Marketing That Actually Works!

Some love a fine bottle of wine, heck who doesn't?... We love following and studying the search engines. Go ahead, call us nerds, we wear that title as a badge of honor! Our clients capitalize on our ``sophisticated pallet`` for the search engines. 2015 is a good year, let's sit down an enjoy it together.

Complete Social Media Management

Who in the world has time for this twitter and facebook stuff? (Hands raised high) WE DO, and we love it! Our team of experts know all the in's and out's of the different social media's. We also know which ones are the right one for your business. Poke around in our ``social`` brains.