It's no secret, we are about treating our clients as we want to be treated.

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“Even with over 22 years in this industry and working with the best clients we could ask for, I am always honored to work with and receive such kind words from our clients. We are a close knit team of experts that believe in a hands-on philosophy and believe in treating clients as we would like to be: Dignity, Respect, and Passion for every step of the project!”

Josh W., CEO of LightHouse Graphics

Had an issue with my website and hit these guys up. They instantly replied, scheduled a call with me and had it sorted in an hour. Something I'd procrastinated doing myself for two months they did ridiculously fast! I felt both relieved and insanely lazy! They were great at answering my questions through text and let me know I could always hit them up with questions afterward. This is how you always hope your business transactions go: smooth, easy, informative and respectful. I asked what I'm very sure were criminally foolish questions, but they treated me kindly and explained in depth. As far as cost goes, they were really upfront about what they'd charge me and then doubled checked to make sure it was okay. Thanks so much for the help!
Adam M.
We Are Pitiful Creatures
If your looking for a company to help you build a clean and professional site, talk to Carl at lighthouse graphics.
Victor S.
Cargo Express Freight
Carl, and the whole team at LIGHTHOUSE GRAPHICS, are true professionals. LHG is very attentive. They are quick to responding to your concerns, questions, and requests. MMTAXMAN enjoy working with Carl, and the entire LHG team very much. If you’re looking for a designer/website creative team that listens to your instructions and provides valuable input, LHG is your choice. Thank you LightHouse Graphics for the GREAT work!!
Patrick R.
M&M Tax Man
Carl knows WordPress! I recently purchased the Photography theme from Theme Goods and wanted to import their home-one-page demo data. After one tech that I hired through envato studio failed miserably, I contacted Theme Goods directly. Again, a fruitless endeavor. Then I went to Yelp to find some local talent. LightHouse Graphics had high ratings and was the most responsive. Carl immediately came to the rescue, even on Christmas Eve! He quickly replicated the scrolling, home-one-page demo onto my Elite Photography website ( including a functional menu, and eliminated a lot of unused Photography theme pages to streamline my website for better SEO results. Now I have a starting point with a basic structure and functionality from which to build. Thank you!
James R.
Elite Photography
I found lighthouse graphics on Yelp when I was quite frustrated from hiring and paying hundreds of dollars to different web developers for removing a malicious link on my website. Google had been denying my ad due to a Malicious link for several months and none of the developers I hired was able to remove the link and my ad kept being rejected by Google. When I called Josh and told him my story and how hopeless I was, he understood my frustration and offered to help me for no charge. I could not believe it since all other IT people out there are not only expensive but apparently they have no idea what they are doing. Josh spent over one hour on my computer and did exactly what google ads wanted me to do. Today, I called google ads and they scanned my website again and they informed me that the malicious link has been removed. I could not believe it!! It is done. I want to thank Josh for his support. I am so glad I found a trustworthy webmaster and forever, I am going to work with his company for all my website related issues. I highly recommend Lighthouse Graphics.
Nicole N.
OC Divorce Attorney
LightHouse Graphics is an excellent marketing company with an outstanding staff. The internet is a crazy place to navigate let alone try to promote a business in. I appreciated the time Josh and Carl took to educate me about online marketing and SEO so that I could truly be a part of deciding where to spend my precious and limited marketing dollars. LHG showed me a level of professionalism, integrity and expertise that made me trust their suggestions. And, by offering me the most up to date tools and technology, I got to actually see results that my dollars were yielding. I would highly recommend this company.
Allison P.
Escape the Place
LightHouse Graphics is a good company to work with in designing and developing a website for business. I had nice experiences in interacting with their team and like their skills, services and deliverable.
Hl D.
Orange Coast Med
Excellent service and partnership. The Lighthouse team has been absolutely fantastic, and we are thrilled with our results. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Ann F.
Frey Search
LightHouse Graphics has been amazing. I Wanted to grow my construction business so I had them run digital ads with Google. Leads are continually coming in and keeping us busy. I love the tracking they put in place to show the value of what I pay for also. Highly recommend for paid advertising.
Josh L.
Lalonde Builders
The team at LightHouse Graphics did an outstanding job for us! We had no idea how to build a website or how to digitally market our company. Carl and the team walked us through the process step by step. From helping develop our website to building a social media presence, they really worked hard to help us establish a digital platform that has been vital to growing our client base. The attention and dedication we received was world class! They were able to take our input and ideas and build a digital footprint that directly reflects the vision of our company. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in growing their business through digital media. -- Sincerely, DJ Hrab Owner Next Dimension Security Solutions, LLC
Next Dimension Security Solutions, LLC
LightHouse Graphics was instrumental in getting my outdoor rental equipment and guide service business off the ground. I knew that I wanted to share my passion for the outdoors with others but didn't know how to make that happen. Josh, Carl, and their team consulted and designed my website to help me showcase my equipment and favorite guide locations. The best part is, they taught me how to run and update my website myself after to add new products and guide locations. Very thankful for the team at LightHouse Graphics.
Austin H.
Glory 2 Glory Adventures
We love our websites new modern look!! The new template & banner make it really easy for our customers to navigate and also to see what our top products are for the season. The team at LightHouse Graphics were able to help our brand really stand out online. We have seen a tremendous increase in online retail sales & traffic since we went live! Working with Carl has been a huge help. He has taken our ideas and exceeded our expectations at every turn. Thanks to Lighthouse Graphics we have even been able to extend our service offerings to our wholesale customers with online ordering from a process they developed for us. We really enjoy the collaboration and insight this team has, and are looking forward to a long-term relationship with LightHouse!
Stacy B.
Standish Milling
Very happy with the website redesign work that Carl and the team at Lighthouse Graphics were able to pull off. My current site needed a major facelift in functionality and overall brand appearance. The team was able to come up with creative design concepts as well as execute the development on time. What I loved most about the process was the open communication. It was very easy to connect with the team, share feedback, and keep the project moving. Highly recommend Lighthouse Graphics for website design!
Scott B.
I highly recommend Carl, Kim and Josh at Lighthouse! I was in need of a quick turnaround change to our website and they came through like champs! Very professional, helpful and seemed to really care that we were taken care. I even received a followup call from Josh to make sure they had met my needs. I'd say they exceeded them!
Wendy H.
Herman Construction
Carl saved the day! I had a small project and a very short deadline to update my son’s legacy scholarship website. I figured I would need to beg a freelance website designer to work with my small budget and timeframe. Carl’s patience, responsiveness and solution-oriented suggestions were amazing. Most importantly for me, given the emotional sensitivity tied to the scholarship and my son’s passing, Carl was warm and empathetic. He not only responded quickly via email, but was quick to chat on the phone. An incredible service, and now I am excited to have Lighthouse Graphics host my site and make my website and fundraising professional.
JoAnn H.
Andrew Lawson Foundation
I just wanted thank Lighthouse Graphic and the Owner Josh personally for being so attentive to our needs. Josh has maintaing my domain name for years and we recently had an issue that took down our complete email system. Josh worked with customer service and his back end system to resolve the issue right away and got everything up and going in no time. It is really nice to have someone you can trust to handle your website and domain names. I am lost when it comes to this stuff and am thankful to have Lighthouse Graphics on my team.
Mike V.
Provenio Realty
Love working with Carl. Great developer, when ever I need a rush he's the one to get it done. I have never missed a deadline with these guys on my team.
Hamilton P.
Greenlink Financial
Great experience! The staff is very friendly and efficient. They understand our business; and they are always looking for ways to improve our website.
Marie O.
Arcadia Episcopal Preschool
We retained lighthouse graphics to redo our website, which had not been updated in years. Josh and his staff are very knowledgeable and attentive to client needs. I am one of those clients that take forever to approve anything and required constant prodding. Lighthouse took on this task with polite gusto and in the end delivered an outstanding site. We will look to lighthouse graphics in the future for all of our web advertising needs.
Brandon F.
Fernald Law Group
Josh and his team have been great to work with! They are friendly, helpful, professional, and very good at what they do. We have come to them with two rush projects that had to be completed on very tight deadlines, and they have really come through for us. They are also very responsive, which is important to me; Josh typically responds to all questions, calls, and emails within a couple hours at most. We've just engaged his team on another long-term project, and I'm looking forward to working with them for a long time!
Erin W.
GTS Technology Solutions
As always, Josh provides us the best service that we can ask for. Huge kudos to Carl and his awesome team for successfully tackling our technical project head-on even with the bumps that came along with it. He and the team were able to get through those bumps so we can have a reliable website and applications that we can be proud of. Working with them is a pleasure. Highly recommend LightHouse Graphics!
Jonathan B.
The Lunch Mob
LightHouse Graphics is responsive and easy to work with. The quality of print is great and turn-around is quick. I have used them for multiple projects including clients such as Laguna Hills Little League and Mount of Olives Church. They are a one stop shop from flyers and postcards to banners and more.
Stephanie C.
Laguna Hills Little League
Absolutely life changing. I basically have no life so I needed a company that could take care of the tedious SEO and overall marketing aspect of my company. I have the pleasure of working with Carl. AKA- My life saver and it's been great. They're super responsive, they look after you and they are super easy to work with. Also, poor Carl has worked with my schedule and lack of time. Highly recommend LH graphics!
John C.
Magic Helpers
"I highly recommend Carl and his great team at LightHouse for any backend development or design related work for websites. I can say from experience working and speaking with many other developers in the past, that Carl and his team are simply the best. Foremost, they are honest and reasonable with setting budgets and estimates, unlike many other developers in the space. Moreover, their work is excellent, done on time, and they always answer your questions promptly in a language that you can understand. Bottom line, you can trust them to get the job done well, quickly, and at a reasonable price. Prior to hiring Carl and LightHouse, we hired another developer who simply could not do the job right, who was dishonest and unreliable, and who sought to charge us exorbitant prices for incomplete work and work that should have been done within the initial scope of the job. Additionally, there were many other developers and firms that we interviewed who were simply unable to do the job to our specifications. We greatly appreciated the quality work and integrity of Carl and his team, and we will continue to rely upon them for our future needs."
Daniel S.
Halper Sadeh LLP
I've been working very closely with Carl over at LightHouse for the last month and he has been extremely helpful not only in making sure things get done timely and there is smooth open communication, but also in guiding me and teaching me how to make the edits and updates that I need on my own, since my business is constantly coming up with new products and will consistently be needing fresh looks. He is responsive and reliable and I would highly recommend!
Kristen K.
Inkchanted Paper and Design
The team at LightHouse graphics did a great job in building us our new website. Thanks to Josh, Kim, Cassie, Teresa and the whole LHG team. Job well done!
David H.
Global Trim
Lighthouse Graphics is based on integrity and quality. I called in asking for advice about a website that has already been created for me by another company and they were not even concerned all they wanted to do was help me answered all my questions and advised me their true honest opinion I'm thinking for them and I have a better understanding about website now and what I'm gonna do for my company!!
Susan C.
Carl is great. He has done amazing things. They answer all my calls and questions ASAP. No matter what the time or day I get answers. They have great blog writing skills. They also post everything for me. Prices are fair too. I see big things for these guys!
Tyler M.
Chicago Fabrications
After years of working with a site that was kind of an eyesore plus full of old, nearly destructive code, Lighthouse came to the rescue! Josh and his team were so helpful in not just salvaging our data but also walked us through the site migration process and helped rebrand our entire look. It was a true make over, inside and out. Plus they made and still make everything easy. They walked our admin team through the upgrade and back end of the site and took time and patience to make sure we understood everything that was changing and being updated. From weekly meetings to phone calls, they make sure we are involved in site building and any changes that came along the way. And now that our site is fully up and running, Lighthouse continues to be a huge support that is always just a simple call away. Efficient, supportive, creative, patient and friendly -- Lighthouse is awesome and the NKCF team appreciates all the help and support we get with this awesome web team.
Nkc F.
"getting parents coordinated for Little League this year was off to a late start and I was selected to design a banner for my son's Little League team... I'm an experience graphic designer and have worked with many printers... But I have to tell you! What an amazing experience dealing with Josh and lighthouse! He was the first to respond to my inquiry... Josh did more than just shoot me a price like others did... He was asking me exactly what I was looking to achieve and really got into the nuts and bolts... I have never created a vinyl banner like this before so his experience and expertise really helped me! The communication was quick and efficient. I also was dealing with a time crunch and had to get the banner before opening ceremony on Saturday... Well today is Thursday and my son and myself could not be happier with the work that went into this banner! I will definitely be referring friends, family and anyone else who needs printing services... Thank you again Josh!"
Jesse N.
Vintage Clash
I can't even begin to thank Josh and the entire team at Lighthouse Graphics. When my boss came to me and said we need to re- brand ourselves, Lighthouse instantly popped in my head. They worked on multiple sites for me over the years and their expertise and creativity has exceeded my expectations every time. Josh and his team is always helpful and there to answer my million questions. I know I will definitely come to Josh for all my graphics and websites needs!
Jen C.
Josh and the entire team at Lighthouse Graphics are amazing! I was so impressed with their work that I am using LHG to design both of my websites. They are organized, thorough and so creative. I had a very particular vision for both of my websites, which differ dramatically from one another, and LHG were spot on with what they created with very little direction and/or revisions from me. My weekly phone calls with Josh are always very informative and appreciated as I saw so much progress from week to week. The entire team is friendly, talented and responsive and very patient with a non-tech savvy person such as myself. I would HIGHLY recommend LHG.
Lisa G.
All Couples Nuptials
Working with Josh has been incredible. He makes the web site design process so easy and the work is high quality. He takes so many things into consideration and they were very flexible for our schedule. I'm really happy with the results and I do look forward to working with them in the future. If I could give them a 10 stars out of 5 I would.
Peter C.
It was an absolute pleasure working with LightHouse Graphics on the new site for our business. Dealing with previous website issues in the past wasn't fun. The previous company we worked with was inattentive and really didn't put our needs first when it came to our website. With LightHouse however, they paid attention to every detail and put our needs first. It was a pleasure being able to work with Josh who made the process go along swimmingly and helped a tremendous amount. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for help with web design, graphic design or marketing. Thanks Lighthouse!
Garret W.
CoinSafe Holders
This is the team that you enjoy working with! They respond fast and the price is very reasonable too. Our project had very tied deadline and their team worked so hard to beat the clock that we could meet the launching date! Josh did a great job on following up with us to make sure everything is working as expected and they even worked till 2am! We are very pleased with the design so we are planning to come back to work with them on future projects.
Shanshan C.
Josh and the entire team at LightHouse GFX worked on a extremely tight-deadlined presentation deck for my new company. And they turned around a deck that changed the entire look of the company. I gave Josh and team the direction I was hoping, and they surpassed it with a brand look as well as a presentation that landed us an opportunity to get the right investors AND partners! If you're looking for spectacular work matched with tremendous creative direction - all with customer service that treats you like you're a valued client, I would implore you to give Josh and his LightHouse Creative Team the job! From day one they embraced the vision and brought a creative road map that will undoubtedly be our brand look for years to come. Thanks Josh!
Mark K.
Tapped Technologies
"A big thanks to the team over at LightHouse Graphics. They helped us from the logo to our website, start to finish. We had a previous designer we tried working with for our startup company and ended up being thoroughly disappointed with the end results. We searched Yelp for an Orange County web design company. Spoke with a few and ended up choosing the team at LightHouse Graphics. We gave them some ideas of our thoughts but they took that and went to a whole new level and boy were we impressed with the concepts and final end result. They then designed our business cards and website, along with marketing advice and suggestions. Thanks again for the great job guys and look forward to a very long and fruitful relationship with your company. We continue to recommend them to our friends, family and colleagues."
Jeremy B.
Josh has been awesome in helping us get our business website going and looking professional. He has been vital in helping us fine tune our vision and getting a professional looking website up - for a small business starting up this can be so vital because first impressions are what make the difference between someone just grazing by your site and someone making contact after thoroughly engaging your site. Professional, friendly, and great work. Highly recommended!
Tony K.
"I am a physician in orange county and for years I have been trying to get a website launched and have failed and spent thousands of dollars numerous times..... I decided to give Lighthouse Graphics a shot based on their yelp reviews and I am beyond thrilled. They are professional, accommodating, do not keep tagging on more expenses through the process and totally managed to share what I wanted on the website. Josh and Phil and the rest of the team are polite, adapting, responsive and never got frustrated with me and my learning curve and changes while developing the website. If your busy, don't want to be overcharged, know very little about graphic design, and want a result your proud of sharing.... call them. The team that comprises Lighthouse Graphics is a refreshing, ethical group of people and the final product is something that will impress you and bring a smile to your face and at the same time will not empty out your bank account."
Sue R.
Pacific Coast Medical
We couldn't be happier with the service provided by LightHouse Graphics! After interviewing SEVERAL website design companies, we decided to go with LightHouse Graphics due to their knowledgeable team, professionalism, and fair pricing. During my initial conversation with Josh, he spent time educating me, not just trying to sell me... They really go the extra mile to make sure their clients understand the process and options available. We are incredibly happy with the finished product and will continue to use LightHouse Graphics for all our web development & marketing needs!
Kristen G.
Godbe Law
Our project was by no means easy. Moreover, we didn't have the technical experience or time to drill down on our own (we are an online marketplace for petrochemicals, We chose Philip and Josh to help us with our endeavor because of their experience, professionalism and response to our needs. This was one of the best decisions we made! They worked with us as though they were part of our team. We worked on objectives together and we executed them like a well-oiled machine (not to mention they made sure we were on top of our own action items!). We continue to work with them and look forward to our continued relationship. Great job guys!
Joseph N.
"I was starting a new business and was in need of a graphic design guru! Yelp referred me to Lighthouse graphics and let's just say I am so happy I went with them! Josh the owner did an amazing job from concept to delivery! I loved my design, webpage design and layout was killer and he even helped me with SEO and social media campaign ideas! Lighthouse graphics is top notch!"
Roxy H.
Siegel Thurston Photography
It's been a long time coming, and we're finally steps away from launching our business. We are very pleased and proud of the wonderful work that Lighthouse Graphics has done and continue to do in order to satisfy our wants and needs for an e-commerce website. From the initial meeting to frequent email correspondences to weekly video conference calls, both Josh and Phillip were easy to work with and responsive to our requests and questions. They show a genuine interest in our cause so the finished product is a great website that we are excited to share with everyone.
Aileen B.
The Lunch Mob
If there was 6 stars to give Josh would get it, Josh is the man he has great ideas and and vary helpful, if your looking to set up your own website then he's your man. Thanks again Josh!
Casey H.
Casey the Barber
Josh and his team do outstanding work! I would definitely recommend his services to my friends and clients. Josh thanks again for all you do.
Raul M.
Mercado Insurance
Josh puts his customers first. His customized ideas are outstanding and I am very happy with his work. I highly recommend his services if you want something done the right way the first time. Dr Ted E Marriott
Ted M.
Stay Well Chiropractic
I'm an author and had an existing site. I recently published my third novel and needed to update my site to accommodate my new book. I'd had a bad experience with the web development company that created my original site and contacted a number of companies to discuss what I wanted done and to get quotes to complete the work. LightHouse Graphics was one of them. I had a phone conversation with Phillip and he rightly pointed out that the pages of my existing site were graphics and, so, the information was invisible to search engines. He suggested redoing the site completely using modern methods and I agreed that this would be the best course of action. Not long afterward, I met with Josh, who showed me several visual approaches that he thought would work well for my site. We settled on one and a budget and were off and running. I enjoyed working with Phillip and Josh, who delivered exactly what was promised on budget and in a timely manner, and I'm extremely happy with my new site. I highly recommend their services.
Dave G.
Dave Gioia
We have worked with Lighthouse Graphics for over 8 years. Josh has provided timely and value based web design and print services. Everyone loves the business cards and marketing material they provided us with as well as the friendly and courteous manner in which he conducts business. Further, Josh has been instrumental in assisting us with expanding our website and marketing presence.
Richard Q.
Quintilone & Associates
We recently had Lighthouse Graphics redesign our company's website. At every step of the way, they were great to work with... competent, professional, made very good suggestions, and overall were a delight to work with. In fact we were so pleased, we ended up having them develop a specialized database app interface for us and our clients as well. Josh and Linda in particular took very good care of us, but the entire team there did a fantastic job. They also are very good about answering the million question we asked, and were always patient and positive as we kept changing our mind on a few things. I highly recommend.
Tom R.
I have worked with Lighthouse graphics on a few occasions and they have always exceeded my expectations. Weather it is in their professionalism with coming up with the perfect design, or the quickness of the printing and delivery. I have not ever been disappointed. I am happy to recommend lighthouse graphics to all of my clients, they really are lighting the way to all of our printing and design needs.
Brett S.
Siegel Thurston Photography
I would recommend Lighthouse Graphics to anyone! Josh came through for me in a big emergency. He provided a high quality, professional looking banner for me in a very short amount of time and saved the day. Awesome communicative skills, punctuality and a positive attitude make Lighthouse Graphics an easy choice to work with again and pass on to everyone. Thanks again, Josh. Everyone stops by my table at events because my banner is hard to resist!
Linzey C.
Josh provided me with quick and professional delivery of a high quality product that I desperately needed for a vendor event less than two weeks away. He was attentive to detail on the design of my company's display banner and he personally ensured that it made it to me in time for usage. He's the guy you need in a pinch no matter the size of your business.
Norman C.
6ixth Man Leadership
I had a great experience working with Josh, he helped us print some excellent post cards at a very reasonable price. I will definitely be a returning customer.
Evan S.
Marlin Equity Partners
Josh has designed and provided us with business cards for years now, and we will continue to have him provide us with high quality cards for years to come.
Ron L.
Ron Levy Photography
"To simplify, the team at LightHouse Graphics are nothing but amazing! I had never built a website before working with Josh and LHG. I asked a bunch of friends and colleagues for advice. Couldn't believe how many have been flat out ripped off by other Austin website design company or individuals. Scary! Because of that I did my homework. Called around to a bunch of companies and really did my research. LightHouse really stood out in this particular area. Very professional and personable, answering my questions, explained the process they take, and you can tell that Josh is an expert and been doing this for a long time. He jokes that he was there when Al Gore invented the internet. A little cheesy but believable for how long he and his team have been doing this. I think I remember him saying over 20 years just by himself. The thing that impressed me most were the questions he asked to really understand my vision along with offering suggestions and ideas I never had thought of, nor had any of the other companies suggested. Fast forward, the entire process working with Josh, Linda, Jessica and the rest of the team was so easy and pleasant. I almost wish it wasn't done and over with. I'm excited to be seeing the results with my new site even though Josh and his team said it would probably take a couple of months to really see with traffic to the site. Even more proof of their promise of under promising and over delivering. I will continue to not only work with these guys for a long time, I have become one of their biggest fans, recommending them to everyone I know and anyone looking for a local Austin website designer. I've learned finding the rare gem of LightHouse Graphics is like finding a good and trustworthy mechanic, once you find em you never let em go! Thank you Josh and team, y'all ROCK!"
Ashleigh T.
Josh was recommended to me by an office colleague when I needed business cards. I spoke with him a few times and found him to be very personable and knowledgeable. I e-mailed him and processed my order conveniently on his website. The cards arrived quickly and looked better than I could ever imagine. To top it off, they were about half price and of better quality than anywhere else I had used in the past. I recommend Josh without hesitation.
Fabiola K.
"LightHouse Graphics were amazing at getting me some really high quality postcards in a flash. I had a very last minute order late one Tuesday night and within and hour the cards were ordered and sent to print. 4 days later they were here and looked amazing. I have used other printers and services like this before and non have ...been able to give such a speedy service to a procrastinator like myself. Thanks Josh and LightHouse Graphics!!!!! I need more cards so will be in contact soon!"
Nicola B.
Nicola Borland Photography