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Vendi Bean Website Design

LightHouse Graphics prides itself on creating beautiful website redesigns for your business. Check out the work we did for Vendi Bean!

Vendi Bean



Our first step in doing this was to raise the bar for their homepage design. We restructured the page to be inviting and worthy of clicks. To do this, we updated the images and played with the colors found throughout the website design. 

Vendi Bean
Vendi Bean
Vendi Bean


Conceptual Design

When the folks from Vends Bean came to us, they were looking for a beautiful homepage redesign that would increase their lead generation and subsequently raise their client base and overall sales. Of course our goal for all of our clients is to help them raise their revenue! 



Because the Vendi Bean team handles everything from delivery, to cleaning and restocking the machines, it was important to create a website that showcased the versatility of their services. With options for all coffee lovers, their website is sure to dazzle anyone looking for vending services in their business! 

Vendi Bean