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The Magic Helpers

What do an Airbnb and a redesigned website have in common? If it has The Magic Helpers name on it, it has to be fresh, clean, and welcoming. Just like home.

The Magic Helpers



Sometimes the simplest designs are the most challenging because imperfections are much more noticeable. Like a crisp, white duvet, the smallest speck of dirt is going to show.

But we did it anyway. We started with an all-white blank canvas and carefully built from there. Our team used a light hand to gently introduce fresh bursts of color, judiciously selecting only the most crystal clear imaging to showcase their pristine work, while the white space gave everything room to breathe.

The Magic Helpers
The Magic Helpers


Conceptual Design

The Magic Helpers are experts at managing Airbnb properties, from cleaning to concierge services. And they wanted their website to present the same bright and airy feeling as a freshly-cleaned rental property. A place where everyone feels welcome.



The redesign of The Magic Helpers’ website gave them the breath of fresh air they were seeking. It’s elegant and clean without feeling stark or sterile and gives potential clients a glimpse into the tender loving care they can expect when they turn their rentals over to The Magic Helpers.