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Jerky Club

Curious about creating branding and logos to convey the quality of a product? Check out the work we did for Jerky Club!



The client really wanted to get creative with this one! With an overlay animal design and a strong, bold print, this logo conveys a masculine energy coupled with the energy conveyed by the script font at the bottom.  The longhorn design makes for a rustic silhouette. 


Conceptual Design

When Jerky Club Direct came to us for a new logo, we were thrilled to jump on board! With an endless array of graphic and color possibilities, we knew the possibilities were endless. Because we were working in a market that was already full of products and branding, we knew it would be important to create something incredibly unique that would help Jerky Club Direct stand out from the crowd! 



The final product is stunning, don’t you think? We love that clients can quickly tell everything they need to know about the brand with this sticker-worthy logo!