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Bridges Staffing

Bridges Staffing came to us for a clean, classic logo design. View this, and more of our work, by browsing our portfolio!



As with all of the work that we do here at LightHouse Graphics, we were the most excited to collaborate on this logo with the clients. From colors, to fonts, and more, we were able to learn exactly what the client wanted and begin implementing it immediately.


Conceptual Design

Bridges Staffing offers a duality of services, in that they function as a staffing agency for businesses while recruiting clients to fill the temporary positions they are staffing. When they came to us for a logo, we were ecstatic to create something that could streamline their message and advertise their business to prospective clients! 



The best part of all: with logo work, we are able to offer our clients a measure of immediate gratification. Thanks to our in-house printing services, we can ensure that clients get to see their logos in-action, printed on a business card, within twenty-four hours of ordering them.