How to Boost Revenue Through Website Design

The design of your website highly determines whether or not you are going to make any revenue from it. If well-designed, your website can generate more income for your business than any other platform. Many marketers understand the importance of SEO, creating lead magnets and the power of social media in marketing. Unfortunately, they forget a well-designed website is equally important.

A poorly designed website will keep off potential clients. According to statistics, 52% of the web visitors choose not to buy through your website due to poor navigation and non- appealing website. The following tips will show you how to boost sales through website design.

Increase the Website’s Loading Speed

The majority of internet users are quite impatient. If your website has a painfully low speed, most of the users will abandon the website before they ever have the opportunity to engage with your site. According to research, 75% of the internet users will pre-judge a website just by the way it loads on the browser. The faster the website responds, the more often the users will use it, resulting in increased revenue.

Research by the Aberdeen Group shows that a one-second delay in loading the website lowers up to 7% of the conversions. The loading speed of your website is important. Ensure your website is up to speed. If you need to boost your website loading speed, contact us at LightHouse Graphics, the leader in Orange County Website Design.

Visual Positioning

Visual appeal is the strongest sense in humans. Approximately 80% of the internet users look for the product on the home page. Use high-quality images that will direct the user to the product.
Include a video explaining more about the product or how to use it. Do not just write about the product. Including visuals will boost sales. Make the visuals large and inviting. A well-articulated visual, both video and images, convey the message better.

Make Use of the Landing Page

If you are keen about increasing revenue through your website, you need to make use of the landing page. Create a landing page for each product or service on your website.
Further, create each landing page with specific clients in mind. When you create a landing page, include a call to action. Take away all the distractions to allow the client to implement the call to action and increase conversion on your website. Any distractions on your website will keep more users away as they do not want to perform any other task on your website apart from the main issue.

Take Note of the Navigation

Poor navigation on your website will surely put off the users. Prioritize in organizing the key navigational elements of on your website to be user-friendly. Create a clear and easy to use path to lead your clients and visitors to your site if you want to boost your sales.

Cut off Distractions

Distractions such as links and advertisements will drive the user’s attention away from the main objective, which is the product. Find a way of limiting or repositioning these distractions. Customers will start paying more attention to the product than the advertisements and links.

The Colors

Different colors evoke various emotions. The colors you use on your website matters. The colors convey the mood of your website and your brand. Ensure the colors on your website evoke and help to convey well the message you are trying to pass to your visitors.

You need an expert Orange County Website design to help you pick and contrast the appropriate colors for your website. According to a study, 85% of the clients will be prompted by the color to make a purchase. A distinct and inviting color will prompt the client to take action, which is making a purchase. Color is the first thing that will attract the user, whether to use your website or choose another alternative.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is key. Strive to keep your website simple yet creative. When designing your website, find the simplest way to do so. A simple and easy to navigate website will generate more conversions than a complex one. Remove anything in the website that is not important or adding any value to your business.

A well-designed website is equally important, just like optimizing with SEO or social media presence. Make the website user-friendly, easy to navigate, and fast enough. If you have an unattractive website, you will lose 38% of the clients; this translates to low revenue. Make use of these web designing tips to improve your income.

If you are ready to redesign your website and boost conversions and revenue, contact us at LightHouse Graphics. We are a boutique digital consulting company specializing in Orange County web design, graphic design, SEO, and other marketing services.