How to Choose the Best Keywords for Your Website

Google’s search engine is a driving force in our modern online world. It shapes and influences the way we search and do business. In March of 2023 alone, Google had 87.3 billion visits.

“Googling” something has become synonymous with using the search engine to answer common inquiries. This makes it a powerful ally for businesses to use to promote their logo and branding efforts. Tapping into Google’s search engine optimization capabilities can help you enhance your business marketing.

The right SEO keywords, in combination with website design and development, give businesses the digital marketing competitive edge they need to thrive. Search engine optimization can lead to more organic search rankings and results for businesses. But just how do you choose the proper SEO keywords? 

With this informative post, you can learn how to use SEO more effectively. Keep reading below on how you can utilize the best keywords for your business needs.

Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization?

Google’s search algorithms put a wealth of information at a consumer’s fingertips. They also benefit businesses when used with the right SEO keywords. Around 92% of Google searchers do not click past the first page of results.

This means your website needs to make an impact on potential customers on the first page or else risk losing out on crucial business. With the right SEO keywords, your website will rank higher organically in the search results. SEO gives you better search result rankings than even paid or sponsored ad listings in conjunction with website design and development.

SEO also needs to be done properly in compliance with the rules of Google and other search engines. This is known as White Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO tactics like spamming comments and keyword stuffing can get your site penalized or blacklisted from search results altogether.

Consider Search Intent

The most important element of website design and development is SEO keywords. Without the right keywords, how would you direct search traffic to your website? SEO is responsible for 53% of organic search traffic

The first step is determining why your customers are searching the way that they are. This is your search intent. You’ll find that search intent takes on four distinct categories:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional
  • Commercial

Using this information will let you choose the best SEO keywords for your business’s needs. 

Informational Search Intent

Informational search intent applies to informative search inquiries made. This could include aspects such as the weather, cooking recipes, or how to make basic home repairs. If you are a home repair or solar installation company, you’ll want to tailor your SEO keywords to areas like “how do I clean solar panels?” or most “common household repair mistakes.”

Navigational Search Intent

Navigational search intent serves the purpose of directing an individual to a specific site. Often, they will already have a site in mind that they want to visit and will search for it directly by name. For this, you will want to incorporate your logo and branding directly into your SEO keywords like “Persona Staffing Agency” or “OneSun Solar Panels.”

Transactional Search Intent

Transactional search intent, as the name implies, relates to search inquiries where customers are looking to make a purchase of some kind. They have a specific product or service already in mind and are looking for a website that has that product in the exact color, style, and price range they want.

To highlight specific products or services on your website, use distinct SEO keywords relating to product specs, names, and styles, such as “Sony 280G Bluetooth Headphones Blue.” You will also want to include the words “buy”, “purchase”, or “download,” depending on the product.

Commercial Search Intent

Commercial search intent focuses on customers who may be conducting research on a product or business. They are in the process of gathering the necessary information prior to making a purchase. Using SEO keywords is especially helpful for locational searches, including the “near me” indicator.

Determine Keyword Relevance 

This may go without saying, but relevance is essential in choosing the best keywords. For example, you wouldn’t use keywords relating to “pizza delivery” if your business specializes in software development.

For solar companies, you will need to examine all aspects of your business and find the terms that clients and customers will use the most. This could include everything from maintenance to installation costs and repair.

Choose the Proper Keyword Types

When selecting the best keywords for your website design and development, you also need to understand the different types of SEO keywords at your disposal. There are three main types of keywords, they are:

  • Head Keywords
  • Body Keywords
  • Long Tail Keywords

Head keywords are short SEO keywords, just 1-2 words in length. They are basic search inquiries like “solar panels,” which will produce numerous general search results. 

Body keywords focus on 2-3 keywords for search inquiries. They can help searchers narrow down their inquiries better. This may involve a search for something more specific, like “solar panels California.”

Long tail keywords are those with 4 words or more. They are even more specific and focused on particular search terms like “cost estimate of installing solar panels in California.”

You’ll want to focus on more specific and detailed long-tail keywords. This will ensure your business gets noticed in search results. 

Access Keyword Planner Tools

With Google’s Keyword Planner and Moz Explorer, you can see which keywords work the best for your website planning and development needs. You will be able to see the results of those keyword inquiries over time and their effectiveness. You can even view related SEO keywords and phrases with their associated stats.

You will see firsthand the difficulty associated with ranking for each keyword. Keyword Planner Tools will also give you a search engine results page (SERP) analysis along with your organic click-through rate (CTR). 

Research Competitor Keywords

Another method for choosing the best SEO keywords is to find what keywords your competitors are using. You can use a paid program like SEMRush to analyze competitor website traffic, their SEO keywords, and their ranking position. You can then strategically pick keywords that will help you stand out more.

However, SEMRush can be costly. Many businesses may just prefer to use that money to hire an SEO and digital marketing agency to do the research and the nitty-gritty of creating a digital marketing plan for them instead.

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SEO keywords go hand in hand with making your business website design and development stand out. The best keywords will ensure that you also have the best website for use with search engine optimization. They impact every element of your business marketing plan, including blog content, branding, and social media. 

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