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Auvana CPA

Auvana Accounting is known for their on-demand support. This attention to detail for their clients is what sets them apart and we wanted that conveyed in every aspect of their marketing materials.

Auvana CPA Logo



Another thing that Auvana conveyed to us was their tremendous passion for their work. These weren’t your stereotypical, stuffy accountants! We used a lot of orange in their materials to convey modernity and energy.

Auvana CPA Logo
Auvana CPA Logo
Auvana CPA Logo


Conceptual Design

In graphic design, circles represent both movement and completeness. We knew right away that we would use circles and soft, rounded edges to show off Auvana’s commitment to doing strong work by their clients the first time, as well as their commitment to always being there to edit and continue the work.



The Auvana materials show how small design touches go a long way. At LightHouse graphics, we are deliberate about every design choice we make, to ensure that your clients understand exactly who you are. We do that through close collaboration with you and an even finer attention to detail. 

Auvana CPA Logo